Into the Still Blue (Under the Never Sky, #3)

First Lines: Aria lurched upright, the echos of gunshots ringing in her ears.

I grabbed this on a whim because the 2nd book was still fresh in my head.  I mean really, am I going to pass up on the conclusion to this series?  (Obviously not, since I’m writing this.)  Also, it was a super nice change from my contemporary fictions.

*Potential Series Spoilers Ahead*

Time is running out for Dwellers and Outsiders alike.  They need to find the Still Blue before the world around them is destroyed by fire and storms.  Aria and Perry are determined to save their loved ones–together.  That includes Cinder, their friend and the key to getting to the Still Blue, who was kidnapped by Sable and Hess.  Piecing together an unlikely team, Aria and Perry aren’t going to let Cinder go without a fight.  Can they get to him before Sable and Hess can use him for their own nefarious plans?

Personally, I liked the first half of this book a whole lot more than the second half.  I thought the characters were truer in the beginning than the end.  For example, Perry is protective but he has attitude.  Aria is quick thinking and acts as piece-keeper.  And Soren is a delightful pain in the butt.  With the stress of everything that happens in the story, I didn’t feel like they were still these characters at the end.  Yes, I realize their lives changed and they matured, yada yada yada.  But it’s hard to stay really into a story when everything you loved about these characters is missing.  On the bright side, Roar was the opposite of this, regaining his personality as the story went on.

Sable and Hess are fantastically evil together.  They are unpredictable and volatile, which meant I was never quite sure where the story would go next.  But at  the same time, I have a really hard time reading stories with horrible villains.  (For example, as a kid, I always refused to watch Disney’s Tarzan because Clayton was such an unforgivable villain.)  I think it’s some kind of stress reaction, but again, I can’t read the book in one good go if I’m constantly getting bothered by the villain.  Some of you may love this.  I didn’t, though I can appreciate them as characters.

I thought this story was still unique, but it started feeling more predictable the closer we got to the end.  I guess I liked and didn’t like that.  For a series that was so original, I guess I expected a little more.

Overall, though, I thought this was a great conclusion to the series, but it could have been a bit better.  Or maybe I’m just nitpicking.

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