A Quick Update

Hello, my lovelies!  As you may have noticed, of late I have not been posting as many reviews as I normally have this summer.  Why, you ask?  (Well, if you even noticed, that is.)

You see, I have sold my soul to the devil.  Figuratively speaking, though sometimes it feels a bit more literal.

And here’s the handsome devil himself!  *fans self*

(In case you are as uninformed as I was prior to mid-June, this handsome devil is Jamie Fraser from the Outlander series.)

Normally, not a big deal.  But have you SEEN these books?  They’re MASSIVE.  I mean, I can usually whip through a book in like, 2-3 days tops.  In the summer, more like a day.  But these Outlander books are kicking my butt.  It takes me 3 days solid to finish one, and that means reading probably upwards of 12 hours a day.  (You know, I’m a horrible estimator, which is why I teach English instead of math, so my number could be a bit higher than it actually is…but not by much.)

So let me recap this: I have sold my soul to this handsome bedeviled Highlander and his charming and whip-smart Sassenach.  I’m in the middle of book 3, Voyager (so PLEASE spoil nothing, ye ken?) and I’m trying to watch season 1 of the Starz series based on this.  (So far, I’m impressed with it, even if an episode here or there deviates from the book a bit.  I can see why the changes happened.)  At home, frankly, I’m getting ridiculous.  Like we’re looking to get a puppy here and my name ideas are all like, “Jamie!  No?…MacKenzie?…No?!…Fraser?”  I’ve read so much Scottish brogue in such a short time that I’ve started thinking in it.  I mentally replace “you know?” with “ye ken?” when I think/talk.

Obsessed?  Maybe just a little.  But it’s worth it.  I get the feels to the extreme with this series.  I read some passages 5 times, practically reread the first book immediately after finishing it, and bawled my eyes out at one part in the reading.  (For those of you who have read the series, you may know what part I’m talking about.  It’s HEART WRENCHING.)

I shall post more reviews again soon!…just as soon as I’m through wi’ Jamie Fraser, ye ken?


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