Champion (Legend, #3)

First Lines: Out of all the disguises I’ve worn, this one might be my favorite.

Is it horrible if I say I feel like a champion for finishing this series?  (Ok…not my best pun…)  But seriously, I do feel kind of awesome about it because not only did I finish a series (which usually in itself feels kind of awesome so long as the author didn’t kill off 20 characters) but I finished this while in the midst of my Outlander haze.  (It. Always. Sucks. Me. In.)  I also wanted to read this because this series is a big hit with my middle schoolers and it’s about time I finally knew how it ended.

*Potential Series Spoilers Ahead*

Sacrifice.  It has defined June and Day for some time.  Both have sacrificed much for the Republic, in different ways.  Now, June is training for the government position of Princeps-Elect and Day has a high-level military position.  Neither of them could have expected how they would be reunited.  The country is on the brink of war; the peace treaty in shambles.  A deadly virus is working its way through the Republic and the Colonies.  June may be the only one who can save the Republic.  But to do so means Day may have to give up everything he loves…Is it worth it?

I willingly admit that I am something of a slacker with this series.  It’s been ages since I read Legend, and it’s thrown off my understanding of Prodigy and Champion because I am too lazy to go back and reread Legend.  Just keep that in mind, because that likely will color my review, at least a little.  (But not much, I don’t think.)

While I don’t remember all that much of what June and Day were like at the beginning of this series, I still definitely saw their growth as characters.  (I do remember Prodigy, at least!)  It was cleverly written.  Especially with Day’s part, because he totally has to make some of the hardest decisions.  It actually made him a more enjoyable character.  I believe with Prodigy, I was more interested in June, so it was a nice reversal.

As for how it was as a series finale, it was elegantly done.  We all have those series that didn’t end well or just went for maximum impact rather than staying true to the world/characters.  This was well done.  There were heightened stakes and reasonable sacrifices made.  But I also didn’t have questions by the time we got to the end.  Not that everything was wrapped up in a pretty little bow, but everything was satisfactory.

In fact, I actually loved the way the book ended.  The epilogue I mean, but the whole end bit.  It was heartfelt, emotional, and hopeful.  It’s the way a series should end.  I don’t know everything about their lives or exactly how happy the “ever after” will be, but I can imagine it.  And I like what I see.

Overall, an impressive ending to the series.  It’s well written, exciting, and the characters are marvelous.

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