The Ruby Circle (Bloodlines, #6)

First Lines: Married life wasn’t what I’d expected.

Wow, finishing two series in the span of about a week?  Achievement badge, please!  *makes grabby hands*  Ok, seriously though, I was nervous to finish this series off.  I got hooked on Vampire Academy at least 6 years ago…and this book meant the end of that world.  In some ways, it was like the feelings I had when Harry Potter ended (though not quite to that level).

*Potential Series Spoilers Ahead*

With their relationship now out in the open, Sydney and Adrian have to face the consequences.  The Alchemists are furious and the Moroi are disgusted.  But when someone they both love goes missing, they will both lay everything on the line to find the guilty party and bring them to justice.  It means facing an old nemesis.  It means discovering secrets better left untold.  It means new responsibilities neither one of them are ready for.  Can they protect those they love and avoid their enemies in the process?

For those of you who have read the other books in this series, it’s pretty consistent with them.  You can count on Sydney outsmarting people, Adrian being snarky, and snippets of life for those we fell in love with in Vampire Academy.  You can expect action and baddies.  So in that respect, this book did not disappoint.

But…it wasn’t as exciting as I expected a series finale to be.  I mean, based on how Last Sacrifice went, I was kind of hoping there’d be something huge at the end.  But there wasn’t exactly.  That big moment came well before for the halfway mark for the book.  This wasn’t as unexpected and action-packed as I’d expected it to be.  There was definitely action and danger, but there was also this underlying feeling that everything would turn out hunky-dory in the end.  So the danger didn’t feel as dangerous, if you know what I mean.

For all of that, though, the epilogue was beautiful.  I really needed to see that all the characters I loved were settled, even if it was not necessarily happily or how I’d expected.  I mean, these characters do feel like friends after so long.  And it’s been fantastic to see them change so much over time.  Like Adrian, who has undergone massive transformations since his introduction in Frostbite.  Or Sydney, who first appeared in Blood Promise.  They’ve changed so much, and I have this sense of pride in their transformations, even though I had absolutely nothing to do with them.  Still, I love seeing them settled.  I think I smiled through the whole epilogue.

So while it may not be the most unpredictable book in the series, it’s still a good conclusion to the series.  I will miss this world.  (Though if I know myself at all, I’ll reread these books again someday.)

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