The Stars Never Rise (The Stars Never Rise, #1)

First Lines: There is never a good time of day to cross town with a bag full of stolen goods, but of all the possibilities, five a.m. was the hour best suited to that particular sin.  Five a.m. and I were well acquainted.

I was so excited to get my hands on another Rachel Vincent story.  You have no idea.  It’s been a while since I’ve read one and I was so looking forward to it.  This was a “finders keepers” situation at the library when I spotted it.  I wasn’t going to let it go for anything.

If the Church is to be believed, Nina should be spending all of her time worrying about her soul.  But with a younger sister to take care of and an abusive addict mother, Nina is really only worried about surviving.  Demons have decimated the population of cities around the world, and souls are so precious that not every baby will get one.  When Nina discovers that Mellie, her sister, is hiding a dangerous secret, Nina will do anything to protect her.  Because sins in New Temperance are treated like crimes…and Mellie’s secret could get her serious punishment.  To keep them both alive, Nina will give her trust to Finn, a fugitive who has already saved her life once.  Wanted and on the run, Nina will have to turn to Finn and his friends if she has any hope of surviving and keeping Mellie safe.

For as excited as I was to read this, I kept waiting for it to really hook me.  And waiting.  And waiting.  It wasn’t that it wasn’t a good story, but I just felt it was missing that “can’t put this down” moment.

The concept of it is really interesting.  Basically, the whole world is run by the Church and demons are very, very real threats.  That was pretty awesome.

And the characters are good too.  Nina is tough, even though she doesn’t always feel like it.  She’s just been forced into that role if she has any hope of protecting her sister.  She’s not the strongest nor is she the smartest, but she makes do.  And while I definitely liked the other characters, I just didn’t feel like I really got to know them well.  Finn was probably the next most seen character and then after that, it was a lot of people in a very small amount of space.

The story had everything I love from Vincent.  There were unexpected twists and turns, hilarious jokes and one-liners, lovable characters, and really crazy creepy stuff.  But I think the thing that made it the hardest for me was the fact that I felt there was instalove in this book.  Sure, it’s on Finn’s side more than Nina’s, but still…it felt really rushed.  And I’m not used to that from Vincent.  I’m not sure why it was used here.

Overall, it’s a good story.  I just wish we had more time to get to know the characters and that the love aspect moved at a more reasonable pace.


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