The Best Part of My Job

Hi guys!  I’m kind of bubbly right now because of the amazing day I had at school.  As a teacher, so few days bring me home actually bouncing with excitement, even though I love my job.  (Usually my feet hurt, I have mountains of grading to do, and I have something to plan for the coming days.  Bouncing just seems tiring.)

But today, today was awesome.

My group of 7th graders are totally awesome and respectful.  Of the 4 classes of their grade I teach, 3 are fighting for the right to be the most respectful class I’ve ever had.  Everything is more fun with them.

Today was library day.  I told them before we went down that I’m an avid reader and if they didn’t know what library book to choose, I could help them with a recommendation.  They didn’t have to listen to me, but I would try to find something they’d like.

Y’all…they asked.  This is, honest to God, the single reason why I wanted to become a teacher.  Okay, maybe not the single reason, but it was definitely at the top of the list.  I wanted to share my love of books with kids and interest them in reading.  The fact that I’m finally doing that…I feel like I deserve a party.  Can I have a party?

Some kids are perfectly comfortable knowing what they want to read.  And that’s fantastic.  I’m glad they read enough to know what they like.  I love talking to them about their books.  But I’m so pumped to be able to help the kids who don’t know or are just looking for something different.  Let me give you a quick list of my kiddos:

G, who is nearly done with City of Bones and completely freaking out about it.

H, who just started Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and swears she’ll never hate a character as much as she hates Snape and Aunt Petunia.  (I always laugh when she says this.  I’m waiting until she meets Umbridge.)

C, who literally just started school here today and jumped at the chance to start Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

M, who desperately wants to read The 5th Wave even though the school library doesn’t have it on the shelves.

K, who wants a book like Matched by Ally Condie.

K, who wants a book about soccer.  (I can only help him so much on that one.  I have no interest in soccer.  If you know some cool soccer books, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!)

and B, who is my literary soulmate.  She came to me for help looking for a new book and handed me the one she’d just finished.  “I like older books like this,” she said.  (She meant historical fictions, set in older eras.)  I started looking for a good historical fiction for her when she added, “I also really like fantasy and magic.”  I immediately put A Great and Terrible Beauty in her hands, which was something I read and loved at her age.  To be sharing that like I’d always imagined is awesome.

(As much as I tried, no one wanted to read Heist Society.  I recommended it 3 times.  I guess I’ll have to keep trying.)

It’s days like this when I remember just how much I love teaching.  This is my job, recommending books to kids and furthering their love of reading.  The only job that might be better than this is a librarian…but I can force kids to read.  So…


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