The Haunting of Sunshine Girl

First Lines: “Mom, the house is creepy.”  We’re only halfway up the gravel driveway to our new home, and I can already tell.

I spotted this in Barnes & Noble a while ago and it caught my attention because A) it’s a ghost story and I do enjoy getting mildly creeped out come October and B) this was a book based on a Youtube show.  I’d never seen that before, and I thought that was interesting.

Weird things are happening in Sunshine’s new home in Ridgemont, Washington.  She hears footsteps coming from the floor above her.  She feels cold constantly.  And every now and then, she hears the voice of a little girl that can’t just be explained away.  But the more weird stuff Sunshine notices, the less her mom believes her.  Confused and scared, Sunshine turns to new friend Nolan for help.  Can Nolan help her find out who the ghost is and what they want? Or will the ghost become too dangerous for Sunshine to stop?

Alright.  So, I will say that this was sufficiently creepy at times.  I read the first chapter right before I went to bed one night, and it had some major creepiness going on.  I was like, “Great.  Why did I decide to start this book right now?”

And it definitely has an interesting plot.  I mean, the more Sunshine discovers about the ghost in her house, the less her mom believes anything Sunshine has to say on the topic.  Isolated, Sunshine has to turn to Nolan for help and advice.  And from there, things get even more interesting.  I would never have guessed it would take the twist it did.

Granted, there were some places in the story that could have used some more explanation.  I don’t want to call them plot-holes because that’s not really what it is, but it’s just that some places…lacked all the information I needed to truly understand the story.

Even with all of this, I was missing something from this story.  I never really connected with Sunshine.  I mean, I related to her.  A lover of vintage, Sunshine never misses a chance to feel like she comes from a bygone era.  Bookish Nolan was also easy for me to relate to.  But I never really felt emotionally invested in their story.  I wish I could pin down exactly where/how this happened, but I can’t.  Just generally throughout the story, I couldn’t quite feel like I cared enough to make it personal.

Overall, it’s got enough of a ghost/horror story angle to be creepy and spooky, but I wanted more from the characters.


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