A Mad Zombie Party (White Rabbit Chronicles, #4)

First Lines: I crawl out of bed like I’m one of the walking dead and rub my gritty eyes.  My temples throb, and my mouth tastes like something furry crawled inside, nested, had babies and died.

Let’s just say that when I saw this in the library, it was in my hands before anyone could say “Jabberwocky.”  Did I care that I already had too many books in my hands?  Nope.  This was coming home with me, come zombies or mad hatters.  I had to see this story from Frosty’s perspective.

*Series Spoilers Ahead.  Read on if you dare*

They thought they had won.  Ali Bell, Cole Holland, and their gang of zombie slayers had defeated Anima Industries.  But, as they’ve seen time and again, things that are dead don’t always stay dead.  In the course of that final battle, Frosty lost the one thing he didn’t think he could live without: his girlfriend Kat.  On the path to self-destruction, the only thing that saves him is Kat herself–returned as a ghost with a message.  Kat wants Frosty to partner up with Camilla Marks, the girl whose actions led to Kat’s death.  Frosty will do anything for Kat–except that.  And when Anima returns, it’s going to take all of the slayers to defeat Anima again.

Ooo-hoo-hoo!  This book did not disappoint, let me assure you.  Remember all that stuff you love about Ali and Cole from the previous books?  The awesome zombie fights, the hilarious sarcasm and quips, and the hot and steamy love story?  Yup, it’s all here too!

I really liked seeing things from Frosty’s side this time around.  Not that there was anything wrong with Ali and Cole, but by the end of the 3rd book, their love story is pretty much set.  And I was looking forward to something new.  Frosty’s an interesting character.  Normally, things don’t bother him much, unless that ‘thing’ is anything to do with Kat.  And to watch him change throughout this story…that was awesome.

But the one who really won me over was Camilla.  (The story bounces from her perspective to Frosty’s.)  If Frosty’s haunted by what happened with Anima, Camilla is the one being punished for it all.  She’s been exiled, forgotten, and basically cut off from everyone she thought cared about her.  I had a lot of sympathy for her, especially once I started to understand her motives.  And for everything she’s gone through, she’s got iron in her soul.  She never let on how much things bothered her, even when she felt completely destroyed inside.

The romance is totally what you’re hoping it will be.  It’s electric.  Like, whoa.  If anyone tried to interrupt me while I was reading a good part, they were soundly ignored.  Nobody was going to bother me during one of those supercharged moments.  Nope.

I’m starting to feel like a broken record when it comes to this series, but it’s so cake.  When comes to YA supernatural romance, there are very very few books that can even compete with this series.

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