awkward-cover-334x480First Lines: Okay, so when you’ve just moved to a new town and are still a total outsider, this is not the best way to start life at your new school.

This is different from what I usually read.  It’s a graphic novel!  But I got it in a book order and I figured I needed to read it before my students did.  Besides, a graphic novel from time to time is good fun.

On her first day of school, Penelope “Peppi” Torres has to remind herself what she should do.  1) Don’t get noticed by the mean kids.  2) Seek out people with similar interests to befriend.  But when Peppi trips over Jaime Thompson, she’s automatically broken rule 1 and the bullies start calling her “nerder girlfriend.”  How do she react?  By pushing Jaime and running away.  Ashamed of her behavior, she seeks Jaime out.  They could be friends…if they weren’t members of rival after-school activities.  Maybe rules are meant to be broken.

This was cute.  It’s definitely middle grade, but it’s cute and has a good message.  Peppi is sweet and her friendship with Jaime is still innocent and devoid of anything romantic.  I certainly had guy friends when I was in middle school that weren’t touched by romance, and it’s nice to see it here.

Even better (in my opinion) was that this book was clean.  Only one instance of a curse word throughout the whole book.  So many graphic novels are…um…graphic.  It was nice to read one that wasn’t.

I know I haven’t said much about this, but I don’t really have a lot to say.  It’s a cute little story about teamwork and overcoming prejudice.


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