The Boy Most Likely To

boymostlikelyto_cover__spanFirst Lines: I’ve been summoned to see the Nowhere Man.

Not too long ago, I finished reading My Life Next Door, and Tim Mason quickly became one of my favorite characters in that story.  When I found out the sequel focused on him, I was all over that.

For years, the things Tim was most likely to do wasn’t very encouraging: drive a car into his house, need a liver transplant from his excessive alcohol use, and probably even die young.  Alice Garrett shouldn’t have even been on his radar, but he’s still drawn to her.  And Alice knows that falling for Tim is right at the top of the list of Things She Shouldn’t Do.  It’s terrifying and potentially dangerous…but she’s interested.  When Tim’s wild days come back to haunt him in a big way, Tim is surprised…though he probably shouldn’t have been. Now, Alice is caught in the middle.  Can they withstand it?

For as much as I loved Tim in the first book (and Alice, whose spunk was always awesome), this book just didn’t have the kind of sparkle I was hoping it would have.  While I thought a romance between Tim and Alice would be Epic, I didn’t feel like there was much there.  I couldn’t buy into their emotions.  The romance was definitely secondary to the surprise that happens to Tim.

Basically what this book boils down to is drama.  100%.  Sure, there’s some comic relief along the way (thank you George and Patsy!), but it’s mostly angst and drama.  It even got to the point where I was getting run down by it. I even started thinking, “Ugh, can we actually do something about this problem rather than moaning and groaning about it the whole time?  Seriously, you don’t need to keep hiding some of this stuff.”

I did still like the characters.  Tim is still his sassy, sarcastic self and Alice is tough as nails.  But…that was about it.  They never really moved beyond what I already knew about them from the previous book.  They didn’t develop much.

Overall, it was still an enjoyable book, but I definitely didn’t connect to it the way I wanted to.


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