The Savage Blue (The Vicious Deep, #2)

9781402282065_p0_v1_s260x420First Lines: For a merman, I’ve done very little deep-sea exploration.  I grew up in chlorine pools, racing from one end to the other until I became the fastest kid in all of Brooklyn.  Those were fishbowls compared to the endlessness of the Atlantic Ocean.

How is it that we’re only 3 days into the new year and I’m already 4 reviews behind??  *bangs head against desk*  There goes that resolution.  Well, one of my goals is always to read whatever I randomly select as my “Top 20 books to read” on my Goodreads to-read list.  This was one of them, and I wanted it off my list because it’s been 3 years since I read the first book.  So I tried it.

*Potential Series Spoilers Ahead*

Actually, I’m just going to copy it from Goodreads to save time: The ocean is a vicious place. Deeper and darker than Tristan could have imagined. Beneath its calm blue surface, an ancient battle is churning —and no one is safe.

In the quest for the Sea Throne, Tristan has already watched one good friend die. Now he must lead the rest on a dangerous voyage in search of the trident that will make him king. But while Tristan chases his destiny, the dark forces racing against him are getting stronger, and the sea witch of his nightmares is getting closer.

Battling sea dragons and savage creatures of the deep, Tristan needs his friends’ support. But they each have their secrets, and a betrayal will force Tristan to choose between his crown and his best friend Layla — the only girl he’s ever loved.

Like I mentioned, it’s been 3 years since I read the first book in this series.  And that hurt this book badly.  I couldn’t remember characters (except for my note I made that Tristan is kind of a pig when it comes to women) and I couldn’t remember basically anything else about the story.  This book picks up within the same day or two of where the last one left off.  I was lost.

I actually almost put it down around page 60 because I just couldn’t get into it.  But I pushed on and started to get a little more interested as the foreshadowing started in earnest.  That I could get behind.

It’s not that it’s a bad story.  There’s actually quite a bit of interesting action going on, suspense, and humor.  But I wasn’t connecting to it.  If I had just read book 1 a few months ago?  Yeah, I probably would have enjoyed it more.  I just wasn’t invested in…well, anything.

Tristan still sort of drives me crazy.  His attitude toward women is something like, “I’m gorgeous and they should all be flocking toward me and if they’re not, I must be off my game.”  Ugh.  That is really off-putting for me.  I think the author is even trying to show his growth through this, but it so wasn’t coming off that way to me.

Totally a case of wrong book, wrong time.  Didn’t work for me at all.


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