Fragments (Partials Sequence, #2)

13170596First Lines: “Raise a glass,” said Hector, “to the best officer in New America.”

You know, it’s pretty rare for me to start a series once all the books are already out, so I’m actually kind of enjoying reading this series while I still remember what’s going on.  It’s an interesting experience, but one that’s definitely helpful for this convoluted series.

*Potential Series Spoilers Ahead*  …I just misspelled “Potential” so it said “Poet”…

The fate of the human race rests on Kira’s shoulders.  She knows what cures RM, but no one can replicate it.  Determined to find more answers about RM, Kira sets off into the ruins of America.  It will not be any easy journey, but with the help of a few friends, can she find the answers she’s looking for?  Is she going to like those answers when she finds them?

Like I mentioned above, there’s a ton of complicated things that happen in this plot.  The story jumps between Kira, Marcus, and a slew of other characters, so it’s not just that you’re keeping track of what Kira finds–you also have what’s happening back in East Meadow.  Admittedly, I felt like the story was so much slower when anyone but Kira was narrating.  I got a bit bored sometimes when Marcus was telling it because it always seemed to cut into the middle of something major with Kira.

The characters are pretty awesome.  I definitely like Kira and her determination to do what she has to do for answers.  But the true star of this book is Samm.  I loved watching him struggle to understand human nature.  It’s just kind  of funny how foreign that is to him, and Kira always noticed when he was trying to imitate her.  It was funny.

I don’t always comment on this, but the setting was kind of stellar.  I mean, there are tons of movies and books that look at apocalyptic America.  I don’t know how many zombie movies I’ve seen with deserted cities, abandoned cars, and ransacked stores.  But this is the only one where it’s really seemed like the cities are falling apart and nature (and human inventions gone bad) is devastating the landscape.  Granted, this takes place 11 years after the “end of the world” while most of those movies are a few months after.  But the setting was unsettlingly real.

The plot is really intricate too.  I mean, there are so many little clues, so many little things that show up again later.  I caught some of them ahead of time, but it’s just always fun to know that there is so much going on in the plot.

The only complaint that I really have with this is that there are some characters who seemed to virtually disappear from the story.  I mean, they’re big enough characters that I know they’ll come back in the next book, but they were just gone after the first half of this book.  And I didn’t understand why.

Overall, this is really a thought-provoking read with a great cast of characters and scenes of delightful darkness.

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