Things I Can’t Forget

thingsicantforgetFirst Lines: Girls like me do not buy pregnancy tests.

It’s been a while since I’ve read a Miranda Kenneally book, but she’s the kind of author I will find my way back to.  Catching Jordan is still in my list of favorite books of all time.  (You just cannot go wrong with a female football player who is as spunky as Jordan.)  So really, it didn’t even matter what this book was about; I was going to read it.

Kate has never been the kind of girl to break the rules.  She lives by the Bible and never tries to do anything that will threaten her future.  But Kate carries a dark secret, one that weighs heavily on her.  She’s spending the summer as a camp counselor at Cumberland Creek with the hopes of putting the past behind her.  It’s here that she finds Matt, a boy she knew from her own days at camp seven years ago.  No longer is he the geeky songwriter who loves the Hardy Boys, but he’s a buff lifeguard with a major ability to flirt–with her.  Things are changing this summer.  Can Kate move on from her past before it ruins her future?

I feel like some people who read this synopsis are immediately going to be put-off by the religious aspect of this story.  While Kate is deeply religious and the camp is basically a Bible camp in essence, the story is certainly not trying to convert anyone.  In fact, a lot of the story is trying to show you that not just one belief is right.  This was something that I rather enjoyed, seeing as I have a tricky religious past myself.  I related to Kate (and Parker from Stealing Parker, who has a fairly major role in this book).

So more about Kate.  Truly, she’s just a reserved and sweet girl, though her biblical beliefs do sometimes make her come off as judgmental just because she doesn’t know how to deal with people who do things she would never do herself.  She is deeply religious, which creates a lot of the tension in the story.  She has to question everything she thought she knew because they don’t make as much sense anymore.  I think that’s an incredibly relatable point because even if it’s not about religion, I think there comes a point in all our lives when we suddenly realize that these truths we thought we had about the world really aren’t truths for everyone.

The romance in this book was pretty yummy.  Matt is adorable and the perfect balance to Kate.  He is silly and charismatic, which is exactly what Kate needs to bring out her softer side.

This book does deal with a lot of darker topics that I can’t really go into without spoiling the first major twist in this story.  But there are times when you’ll want to cry for Kate.  (I didn’t cry, but I had that cold, sinking feeling inside a couple of times.)  She really is trying to grapple with really awful things.

But no matter how dark the story gets, it does balance the darkness with the light.  People like Matt and Parker (among others) do much to help Kate see that not everything’s doom and gloom.  It was really sweet.

It really does have a little bit of everything in it.  I really enjoyed this.

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