Three (Article 5, #3)

9780765329608First Lines: The dream was changing.  Even asleep I sensed it.

THE COUNTDOWN BEGINS!  I have only THREE more days until I am on Spring Break!  (See what I did there?  😀  I’m so punny.)  That means I will (hopefully) have a ridiculous amount of time to read and I can make a huge dent on the books I have scattered haphazardly around my room.  But until that time, I have plenty of reviews that we can do!

*Potential Series Spoilers Ahead*

For weeks, Ember and Chase have been running from the Bureau of Reformation, AKA the Moral Militia.  On the top of the Most Wanted list, Ember and Chase have been frantically searching for the safe house, hoping to finally be able to stop running.  Only when they find the safe house, it’s a pile of ashes.  Their hopes gone, the only thing they can do is follow the footsteps that walk away from the ruins.  They are forced to find shelter in the wilderness and in ruins of other cities…until they find survivors of the fire, including someone Chase never thought he’d see again.  Joining forces, the two groups hope to find another safe location, this one possibly home to the mysterious organization known as Three.  This may be Ember’s only chance of surviving, of fighting back.

This sat on my shelf for weeks until I finally felt like reading it and honestly, I don’t remember a whole lot of books 1 and 2.  Sure, it came back to me eventually.  I had notes.  But nothing really beats that fresh memory, unfortunately.

This time, the book is incredibly doom and gloom (not that the previous books are all unicorns-farting-rainbows-and-happiness).  There was always a little bit of hope in the previous books, a little of the fresh feeling of Ember and Chase’s love.  But that’s not here this time, seeing as they are A) a solid couple and B) kind of losing all hope that they’ll ever be safe.  And the MM is really tightening their hold, making it seem incredibly possible that there aren’t going to be many survivors by the end.

The plot was pretty good.  There were definitely moments of suspense that kept the story rolling.  It was interesting to keep reading, though I will say that there were parts that seemed to drag or seemed a bit confusing.

Normally, I’d take this moment to wax poetically about the characters and their development, blah blah blah because I’m an English major and I nerd out over that, but I really didn’t feel it here.  I mean, I actually seriously lacked empathy for Ember and Chase.  Sure, I’m sympathetic to their plight.  But Ember and Chase never really changed in this book or did much to make me fall in love with them again.  It was like we were expected to already love them unconditionally and support them completely.  And that was difficult for me when nearly the entire story was Ember and Chase with competing hero complexes and the desperate desire to save each other.  Hint: It’s not growth if they’re doing that the whole novel.  So that was incredibly frustrating for me.

While it was good, it was not my favorite novel in this series.  There are others that felt far more dangerous and others that were far more character-driven.

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