The Unexpected Everything

the-unexpected-everythingFirst Lines: I flexed my feet in my too-tight shoes and made myself stand up straight, trying to ignore the rapid-fire clicking of the cameras going off all around me.

I received this as an ARC from the publisher (release date is May 3, 2016) and let’s just say I was really excited to get this.  (We won’t talk about the happy dance and squeal.)  I mean, it’s a freaking new Morgan Matson book.  I was so there.

At the beginning of the summer, Andie had everything going for her.  A great internship, fantastic friends, and guys.  But everything changes when her politician father gets embroiled in a scandal.  Now, her dad is home all the time, her internship no longer wants her, and she’s forced to get a part-time job walking dogs.  Her summer isn’t going the way she planned it at all…but without all these changes, she wouldn’t have met Clark and had the summer that changed everything…

So, basically, this is what you’ve come to expect from Matson.  It’s cute and funny and romantic while still having serious, real moments about life and friendship and family.  I was not disappointed.

Andie is a complicated character.  Her dad has been a politician forever, so she’s always very careful to never do anything to reflect badly on him.  She has big dreams, and when those crash down around her, she has to find a sliver of something good to keep her going.

I liked Andie, but honestly?  It was Clark I loved.  Even now, I have this goofy smile on my face thinking about him.  He’s a total dork, in an adorable way.  Like, whenever he tries to flirt with Andie, he drops things on the floor.  Repeatedly.  By accident.  Oh my gosh, he’s just adorable.  I want to squeeze him and call him mine.

And, like you see in a lot of Matson’s books, the other minor characters are their own distinct people as well.  They have fleshed-out personalities and even their own plot lines.  Like while Andie is trying to pick up the pieces of her life, her friend Toby is attempting to find her first boyfriend.  And Palmer and Bri are trying to settle into their new summer jobs.  It’s nice to have so many little things going on because honestly, it feels like real life.  Everyone has something going on in their own life, so it makes sense that these minor characters would have goals and problems, just like Andie.

But surprisingly, it took me a while to get into this book.  It took me a few days to get more than a quarter of the way through the book.  (Granted, I had things going on, but I normally want to read faster than that.)  It got better once Clark became more of a player in the story, but before that it was a bit slow.  Andie’s very antagonistic in the beginning as her dreams slip away and it’s a rough way to meet our protagonist.  She just comes across as so spoiled and whiny that it was hard to like her initially.

Overall, though, it’s still a lovely Matson book.  But maybe not my favorite of hers.  Still definitely worth the read, though.

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