Lady Renegades (Rebel Belle, #3)

lady-renegadesFirst Lines: His head hurt.  It always hurt these days and had for a long time now, long enough that David couldn’t tell whether it was getting worse or whether he’d just been hurting for so long that it was starting to become unbearable.

I’ve been a fan of Rachel Hawkins’s writing style since I found Hex Hall years ago.  Besides, another series to finish?  Sign me up.

*Potential Series Spoilers Ahead*

Finally, Harper’s been getting used to her new super powers as Paladin.  But of course, as soon as the world starts making sense, it has to change again.  Overwhelmed by his powers, David ran away from Pine Grove…only he’s been leaving a trail of teenage girls-turned-Paladins in his wake.  Worse news?  They all seem to think Harper is the enemy David needs protection from.  Sure, normally they wouldn’t be any problem for Harper to tackle.  But with David being away for so long, her powers are dwindling…and if she doesn’t find David soon, they might disappear altogether.  Is this a problem too big for Pres to handle?

Alright.  So as I mentioned, I’m a fan of Rachel Hawkins’s writing style.  She’s hilarious.  Multiple times throughout the novel, Harper described the South as being “hotter than Satan’s armpit” which is just kind of apt, you know?  And the sarcasm is thick.

But this book had a few issues for me.  First was character development.  Seriously, Harper and Blythe are the only characters that get any screen time (figuratively speaking).  Geez, even David, who should be a main character, only popped up a few times.  It just didn’t seem to be adding anything new to the characters I liked, like Bee and Ryan and Aunt Jewel.

On top of that, the story drags on.  It’s the Curse of the Road Trip.  Bouncing from city to city, the only excitement in each town quickly becomes cliche and expected.  Look, there are very few books that can successfully pull off a road trip.  This was not one of them. I got bored.

But I will say that there were a number of pretty good fights scenes. I mean, if there’s one thing Harper’s good at, it’s defending herself (whether physically or sarcastically).  So that was at least entertaining.

Overall, it was just kind of meh.  Nothing about it really stood out.  For a finale to a series, the ending was incredibly anti-climactic.  A fast read, for sure, but not terribly exciting.


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