The Year My Sister Got Lucky

0439922275First Lines: I’m an insomniac.  Any sweet, deep slumbers I’ve had over the course of my fourteen years could probably be counted on one hand.  Still, I manage okay during the day–school, dance class, dinner, homework.  Most people wouldn’t guess my little secret.

Fact: This book has been on my Goodreads to-read list for almost 7 years to the day.  Fact: It’s sat on my physical bookshelf for almost 2 years to the day.  Finally, I decided to read it.  About time, right?

When sisters Katie and Michaela find out they’re moving from NYC to middle-of-nowhere Fir Lake, New York, Katie couldn’t be more horrified.  Leave behind her friends, the sights, the people, and everything she loves for a city with a population of 2,100?  And it’s as bad as she expects: too-friendly neighbors, locals wearing socks with sandals, and cows.  But while Katie is struggling to adjust to her new life, her sister Michaela is thriving as she flirts with the high school quarterback and ingratiates herself in the most popular group at school.  Does Katie even know her sister anymore?  And when Michaela keeps a huge secret, does Katie even want to know her?

I was actually like, way off base on how I thought this book was going to go.  I don’t know exactly what I was picturing, but it wasn’t this.

The tone of this book is actually quite humorous.  Katie is sarcastic and witty, which means that every time she sees something, like someone wearing socks with sandals, she’s got something biting to say.  And it’s funny.  I kind of liked that she had that particular take on everyone and everything, even if sometimes it’s not exactly charitable.

The relationship between Katie and Michaela, though, is really what holds this story together.  It’s not a romance, though there are undertones of it in the book.  It’s a sister story.  Katie idolizes Michaela, but she’s also a bit jealous of her perfect sister.  And when Michaela starts turning into this hick social butterfly, Katie doesn’t really know what to do anymore.  Are they still close?  Are they drifting apart?

There’s a great cast of characters here too, just quirky enough to keep things interesting.  And Katie’s outsider perspective really puts a fun spin on how she sees these people and their small-town customs.  …Now I sound like a snob.

Anyway, the only thing that I didn’t really like about this book was how slow it was to get started.  Everything at the beginning, while important for getting to know Katie and Michaela, just wasn’t grabbing.  It takes some time sticking with it to really get into the story.

Overall, it’s a cute story about what it means to be sisters and a fun look at life in a small town.


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