Top Ten Tuesday

Hello my lovelies!  I have indeed joined the bandwagon.  I have time, so why not?  This is all thanks to The Broke and the Bookish, who comes up with these topics.


Today’s Topic: Ten Reasons I Love ______ (we get to fill in the blank)

I’ve taken it and made it this:

Ten Reasons I Love Assassin Storie

1. To be an assassin, a character is inherently clever

To be sure, the assassin is someone who has to be smart.  An assassin who cannot blend into their surroundings or surprise the person they have been sent to kill will not be an assassin for long.  These characters need to be quick and clever.  And I love that, because assassin stories absolutely need to have a main character that reacts coolly and takes into account the smallest clues.  It makes me think more as a reader, and I like that.

2. Awesome fight scenes!

Seriously, can there be an assassin story without fights?  I don’t think so.  Take, for example, the fight scenes in Assassin’s Heart or Ruined.  Female heroines who are strong enough and determined enough to fight off men who–stupidly–underestimate their opponents.  These girls know how to kick, punch, and wield a sword with the best of them.

3. They’re usually set in amazing worlds

Not that we don’t still have assassins in the world today, but most assassin stories are set either deep into the past or in a fantasy world.  The two previously mentioned stories are fantasy books while something like Grave Mercy is more of a historical fiction with a few elements of fantasy in it.

4. Plot twists are a must

Picture this: an assassin gets sent in to kill a member of a high ranking family.  Only they encounter something they weren’t expecting.  They have to react while still trying to meet their objective…possibly to then find out that the one who hired them is actually the bad guy after all.  I love that plot twists (and usually big ones at that) are a staple of these books.

5. Forbidden love can be its own poison…

So, a lot of these books have a love angle to them, sometimes a forbidden love.  (Assassin’s Heart and Ruined immediately jump to mind.)  Assassin’s Heart is even described as Romeo and Juliet meets The Godfather.  It just brings a fascinating question into the story: what do you do when you fall in love with the one you’re supposed to kill?  Follow your heart or follow the rules?  Every character has a different reaction…

6. Well, you can’t kill anyone without amazing banter

It’s a must.  These characters, who see so much death and destruction, also usually have a pretty good grasp of wit and humor.  Also, can you really kill someone without having the proper sarcastic quip, like the victim asking, “Who are you?” and the assassin answering, “Your worst nightmare.”

7. Diabolical villains

These books also tend to have the worst of the worst when it comes to villains.  In order to really make an impact on an assassin’s life, someone has to go above and beyond into the realm of cruelty.  All the books I’ve mentioned have villains who are willing to go to any length–and kill anyone in their path–to get what they want.

8. The myths and the lore

The acceptance (or ostracizing) of assassins depends on the story and what the normal citizen believes.  In Assassin’s Heart, they are to be feared yet revered as ruling families.  In Grave Mercy, they are the equivalent of pagan nuns, both celebrated and feared for their abilities to commune with their god, Mortain.  Two vastly different stories and different lore surrounding them.  It’s fascinating.

9. Journey into the past

Historical fictions for the win!  I mostly put this in here because of the Grave Mercy series (series name is actually His Fair Assassin).  It’s one of my favorites ever because of it’s lore, history, and cast of characters.  Also in the past, death is handled a little differently than it is now.  It’s interesting to see how.

10. Weapons.  Lots and lots of weapons.

Each assassin has a different affinity for weapons.  For some, it’s a sword or dagger.  For others, it’s a bow and arrow.  Or poisons.  It’s fascinating to read about how they handle these weapons and the pros/cons of each.  (Running out of arrows, poison isn’t usually fast acting, swords and daggers can break or slip from your hands)


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