Bitten: Season 2

b7a2kooccaa92en2blargeMy lovelies, I have finished another season!  (And I’m also posting something because that Mrs. Doubtfire gif really is giving me the creeps…)  If you don’t want things spoiled for you about this show, I just suggest you go watch the first season and then check back in, ok?  🙂

*Potential Season 1 Spoilers Ahead*

Elena’s life in Toronto is a thing of the past.  She’s embraced her life with the pack and with Clay.  But just because the mutts have been taken down doesn’t mean that life is now easy.  When witches descend on Stone Haven, the pack suddenly learns that they have a dangerous new enemy who not only wants to take out the witches, but the werewolves as well.  Can they defeat him before it’s too late?

Ok, this book I did remember better than the previous book (although I clearly still forgot a few things).  But that’s not really a great statement either since I really just remembered the witches.

Alright.  This season, for only being 10 episodes, was incredibly intense.

Let me back up.  The first few episodes, where everything is getting set up, was once again a bit dull.  Not that there isn’t action.  (It’s pretty funny to watch Jeremy try to wrap his mind around this idea of magic.)  It just takes a while for the witches to reveal things, for the new enemy to make his move, etc.

But then, then it gets really intense.  Like binge-watching intense.  Like, keep a box of tissues handy because you’re going to find yourself grieving over fictional characters intense.  I spent something like two episodes just crying.

I remember when I read this book that I rolled my eyes over the addition of magic and witches.  But this actually played out really well.  The actresses for the witches were really good.  Paige (played by Tommie-Amber Pirie) brings a dose of attitude and heart that plays really well off of the pack.  Ruth (played by Tammy Isbell) is a great female counterpart to Jeremy.  She has the same sense of duty to their kind as he does.  It was fun to see them butt heads from time to time.  And Savannah (played by Kiara Glasco) was really well-played as well.  She was a complicated character and Glasco portrayed that well.

Of course, I still have a serious soft-spot for the pack members we’ve gotten to know.  Elena ups her game here, forced to do things that she doesn’t want to in order to protect others.  Jeremy is forced to believe that there are things outside of his understanding, all while fighting to remain alpha of his pack.  Clay is dealt a harsh emotional blow and has to keep moving or drown.  Logan, frantic in his search for something that was taken, will do whatever he needs to in order to bring down those causing pain to his family.  And Nick, the group’s sweetheart, is still bringing the heart along with a healthy dose of jokes and sarcasm to keep from turning maudlin.  I cannot tell you how much I admire Steve Lund (the actor playing Nick) right now.

With only three seasons out right now (and short seasons, at that), this is pretty much perfect for the summer.

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