Bitten: Season 3

33891350214502637726I don’t know how many of you are actively following me talk about this show, but hey, I figured if I’ve done the other two seasons, might as well also do the last season.  (As I just discovered, there are only 3 seasons.  It’s done.  I feel like I should’ve known that before, but c’est la vie.)

*Potential Series Spoilers*

They’ve battled mutts and they’d dealt with witches, but this new challenge could destroy the pack entirely.  Elena has seen a premonition in which she brings about the downfall of Stonehaven.  But how?  And why?  The presence of the Russian pack in Bear Valley seems to be a problem, but are they the source of the destruction?  Or is it the strangers who come to town searching for Elena?  The pack is going to need all their wits and strength to fend off the newest challenge…

Ahem.  Well…I think I liked the previous two seasons a lot better.

Don’t get me wrong.  Still tons of girl-love for Elena.  Strong, feisty, clever.  She’s a great role model and the perfect character to handle dealing with all these problems.  Not to mention I’m still jealous of her wardrobe.  Even though I’d never wear half of it without feeling like I’d be in a biker gang.

But some of the other characters kind of started to bother me.  Clay just needed a serious hair cut.  From the first time I saw him this season, I was like, “Nope.  Go.  Great Clips is calling your name.  This is not going to work.”  Yet for ten episodes he ignored me.  How rude.

In all seriousness, though, Jeremy isn’t the same alpha I’ve come to know and respect.  The stress has changed him and it was a little bit scary because he had suddenly gone from reliable to unpredictable.  It was unsettling and instead of looking forward to scenes with Jeremy in it, I was suddenly cringing through them.  I know this is intentional and all because it kind of has to be this way, given the story line, but I didn’t like it.  By the end of the season, though, he’d started to return a little more to normal.

I will say that this season did have the scariest villain I’ve seen in a while in television.  That cold, clinical approach to torture and death.  It’s chilling.  But that also brought out Elena’s strength, so who am I to really complain?

I was glad to see some of the minor characters that we’ve loved (and loved to hate) return for this season.  I won’t say who, but you’ll know them when you see them.

And there were a number of interesting new characters introduced that were (mostly) delightful too.

But as for the episodes themselves, they got a little predictable, a little boring.  I know the stakes are so much higher now and all, but it became a bit numbing after a while.  I didn’t care sometimes that death was on the line for them because well, it’s always on the line in these episodes.

So yeah.  Even though I enjoyed the characters a lot (except Jeremy’s changes), I just couldn’t get into this season as much as I could the previous two.

3 thoughts on “Bitten: Season 3

  1. I really wish it wasn’t the last season because I feel like there’s so much they could’ve fixed in the characters with another set of episodes. The end of this season was just kind of like , “well…ok. Is that really how it went down?” Too fast and rushed, and almost agonizingly slow at the same time.

  2. Yes!! Seriously! I can’t believe they ended it like that! And what was going to happen to Rocco?? What about Rachel? Did Sasha’s sacrifice actually help? Or did it hinder their plan? Ugh. So many issues. Lol!!

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