A Court of Mist and Fury (A Court of Thorns and Roses, #2)

9781619634473First Lines: Maybe I’d always been broken and dark inside.  Maybe someone who’d been born whole and good would have put down the ash dagger and embraced death rather than what lay before me.

On Goodreads (at present), this book as a 4.77/5 rating.  That’s insane.  So I decided I needed to try to read this ASAP.  And now you’re about to see how many different ways I can not use profanity to express my excitement over this book.  Let’s get colorful!

*Potential Series Spoilers Ahead*

Three months ago, Feyre managed to survive Amarantha and return to the Spring Court as a newly made High Fae…but at a steep cost.  Unable to forget the horrors of Under the Mountain, Feyre is drowning in nightmares and regrets.  She can’t forget what she’s done.  Nor can she forget the deal she made with Rhysand, the High Lord of the Night Court.  As Feyre begins to understand the politics and power of the High Fae, she’ll have to work hard to find out who she is now, what she wants, and how to survive in a world being divided in two.

THERE’S SO MUCH I CAN’T PENGUINING TELL YOU!!  (Apparently my colorful not-profanity is starting with animals.)  Ugh.  I so want to just fangirl over this book right now, y’all.  But I suppose I have a review to do.

Rewind.  So like, a week ago or so I bought the first book in this series and reread it just to get ready for this.  And I’m glad I did because this was ace.  Holy Profanity, Batman.  For me, it totally helped to have Feyre and Tamlin’s story fresh in my head.

Feyre is giraffeing perfect.  Like, she starts off the book like you’d expect her to: she did awful things in the name of protecting those she loved and now she has to live with the consequences.  It’s hard on her.  But throughout the book, she becomes stronger for it all.  I am drowning in the perfectness of it all.

Even Tamlin and Rhysand become characters you didn’t expect them to be.  I was pleasantly startled by the whole thing because whether they’ll admit it or not, these two went through a lot too, before Feyre got there.

There are some really amazing twists this book takes too.  They’re not all abrupt “I didn’t see that coming” twists; some of them begin subtly until you’re just waiting for it.  There was one HUGE twist like that that I’m wholeheartedly behind.  (SOMEONE SAVE ME FROM MY INTERNAL SQUEE-FEST.)

Jiminy Christmas.  And the romance was through the roof.  Get your fan and your smelling salts ready because you are going to swoon like a 19th century debutante.  Saints alive.  Woo.  I think I’ve just been ruined for all other fictional boyfriends.  Jerusalem’s ghost.

Ok.  I’m going to try to rein it in a little.  Something to note about the romance in this particular book is that it’s much more…ahem…descriptive than YA usually is.  I’ve read romance novels with less detail.  So…maybe don’t give this to your 12-year-old cousin to read.

The writing is just stunning.  I loved the introduction of new characters, who pretty much feel like family now.  The settings were beautiful and the plot unfolds in a way that always kept my interest.  (On a side note, I had a dream about this book last night, which NEVER happens.  The last time it did was last summer when I had a week solid of reading Outlander.)  Safe to say this book is going to dig deep.

You know how in the first books there are traces of Beauty and the Beast in it?  Almost like it was loosely based off of it?  Well, this one has parallels to the myth of Persephone.  I’m in fudgenugget love.  Lovelovelovelovelovelovelove…

Ahem.  I’ve derailed again.

As you may have come to expect with Maas, you’re going to be left wanting the sequel right this minute, so help me Zeus.  Plan accordingly.

If this book doesn’t win the Goodreads award this winter for YA Fantasy, I’ll eat my nonexistent felt hat.  I don’t see how it can’t win.




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