So, yeah.  Today’s my 25th birthday.  Holla!  (Clearly, I’m showing my age a little.)  But I gotta say, the funny thing about turning 25 is that I really don’t feel any different than I did at like, 18.  Or 21.  Sure, a little smarter.  I’ve lived a bit since then.  But I kind of thought that by the time I was, you know, halfway through my 20s (OH GOD), I’d feel more like an adult.  I don’t.

gummybears(Kat Dennings is my spirit animal, btw.)


For those of you who are still in your late teens, maybe feeling embarrassed because of your obsession with Disney movies or your massive coloring book collection, DUDES YOU ROCK.  When you get a little older, you start to learn that everyone has their quirks.  By bestie and I have gif wars where we just message gifs back and forth making fun of each other.  It’s a little weird, but it’s fun.  Be yourself, love yourself, and don’t let age be anything but a number.  (That’s easier to say now that I can drive, vote, and drink, but it’s true.)

Have fun!  I’m going to gorge myself on desserts and pasta today.  Toodles!



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