My OwlCrate and a Comparison

So, those of you who have been following this, I just received my first OwlCrate a mere three days after receiving my first Uppercase Box.

What we’re going to do today is dissect what was in my OwlCrate and then compare which one of these I will continue getting from this point on.

Screenshot 2016-07-21 13.13.21

My OwlCrate

OwlCrate has themes, and the theme of this month was Good vs. Evil.  To be cute, OwlCrate sent out “good” boxes and “evil” boxes.  As you may have noticed from the Draco Malfoy POP! figure, I got the evil box.

Those of you with a good memory may remember that this book, This Savage Song, was the same one that came in the Uppercase Box this month.  Thankfully someone tipped me off about this days ago that this was a possibility, otherwise I would have been devastated.

Anyway, this box was just loaded with stuff.  There was obviously the book and the Draco Malfoy figure, but I also got a magnetic bookmark of the Queen of Hearts, a short little comic there about what was in the box, a Death Star necklace (or at least I think it’s the Death Star?), a sticker that says “Am I not merciful?” from the Illuminae series, a bookmark about the newest Kenneth Oppel book, and a little card about what next month’s theme is [Fast Times at YA High].  Not pictured, I also got a signed bookplate from V-Schwab, a letter written by her about the book, and a small coloring book of YA covers.

I’m kind of interested to know what came in the “good” boxes…  A quick Twitter search reveals “good” boxes got the Alice bookmark rather than the Queen of Hearts, a different Star Wars necklace, and Luna Lovegood.

Got that covered.  Now let’s compare.

Uppercase vs. OwlCrate

In the buying stage, I was initially more taken with OwlCrate.  I loved the idea of getting fandom stuff with my book.  I’ve only recently started collecting POP! figures, so I was excited by the possibility of getting those.  (The only other one I have so far is Fat Amy.)

But after receiving them…I think Uppercase has actually won me over.  While it’s fun to get the fandom stuff, it’s really only fun if they’re your fandoms.  For example, I have never in my life seen Star Wars.  I saw about 30 minutes of one of the prequels and I’m even more lost now than I was before.  So getting a Star Wars necklace means nothing to me.  I’ve never read the Illuminae series, so that sticker has no meaning.  I mean, basically the only things worth keeping were Malfoy, the book, and the bookmark.  And I feel really bad because this crate was a gift and yet I don’t want a good portion of the stuff.

Uppercase, on the other hand, gave just general book stuff.  Pencils, notepads, etc.

Screenshot 2016-07-18 13.41.24

I have uses for these things.  The pin relates to the book itself, which is cool.  My book is signed and I got a personalized letter from the founder of Uppercase.  Even if the letter didn’t really mean much to me, it felt better than the photocopied V-Schwab letter I got with OwlCrate.  I think I simply like Uppercase’s taste in goodies better.

To be fair, a complaint I’ve seen about Uppercase is that they don’t actually come in a box.  And they don’t.  They come shipped in an Uppercase bag inside of a bubble-wrapped envelope.  I can see where corners can get dinged if the postal service isn’t careful with the books.  I think maybe one of my corners sustained a teeny bit of damage, but not enough to turn me away.

And yeah, unfortunately now I have two of the same book from all this. (A quick note about the books: the Uppercase one cannot be resold.  There is no barcode on it and it has an Uppercase title page inside.  The OwlCrate one is not signed and does not have its own page inside, but it does have a bar code.  For some people, this may be a big deal.)

So thank you, OwlCrate, it’s been great (hehe, I rhymed), but I think I’m going to stick with Uppercase for now.

Winner: Uppercase Box


4 thoughts on “My OwlCrate and a Comparison

  1. I actually just ordered my first OwlCrate box too! I haven’t received mine yet because my post mail person sucks :/ It was delivered during a time my mom was home and she said no one knocked. They also obviously left a note IN my mailbox but didn’t leave the package inside so I can get it. I’m still waiting for it and hoping that it comes tomorrow! I am so excited to see what box I got! I still have no clue! This was a good comparison. I love fandom stuff so I think I’ll be happy with Owlcrate. I buy my own bookish stuff at the store all the time like notepads. I love supplies so I wouldn’t like that much. What will you do with your extra copy of This Savage Song??

    • That’s great that OwlCrate works for you! I tend to admire all the bookish stuff in the stores without actually buying it, so this works for me. 🙂 I’m still not sure what I’ll do with the extra book. I’ve thought about taking it to my classroom, but those books tend to disappear quickly, especially when they’re nice. I may give it to my cousin, who’s quickly becoming an avid reader. She didn’t used to be, which is funny that she’s now practically my reading twin. But I have to read it first to make sure that my aunt will even let her near this book.

      • I would totally make a library system in your classroom! I would not be okay with my kids taking the books home and never EVER returning them! I’d also probably have rules about keeping the books in mint condition, which probably will never happen haha 😛 I think giving it to your cousin will be nice! 😀

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