You Should Check Out Swoon Reads

PrintI don’t normally do this, but this is kind of cool.  You may recall lately that I’ve sorta been talking about Swoon Reads because I’ve read two of their books (The Way to Game the Walk of Shame and All the Feels).  I was curious about what else they had published and by what their mission statement, per se, was.  Because those two books mentioned above are so so different.

So I visited their website and I’m really surprised by what I found.

Screenshot 2016-07-23 13.47.30

This is what I found.  Basically, if you make a profile, you can essentially beta read a bunch of the manuscripts that people have submitted/Swoon Reads is considering publishing and give feedback.  You can save books that look interesting to read later and even rate books in a scale of how much of a tearjerker they were, how hot the romance was, etc.  It’s actually really cool.

And there are SO MANY TITLES.  I narrowed them down for what I like, but there are so many options.  Sci-Fi, fantasy, historical, contemporary, LGBT, family issues, relationships, aliens, werewolves, vampires.  SO MUCH.

To give you a eensy-teensy preview of why I think this is cool, here are four of the books I’m very interested in checking out.

A Curse of Thorns by Nicole Mainardi – billed as Beauty and the Beast meets The Hunger Games.  Hello, I am so there.  You had me at “beauty”.

Beau & Bett by Kathryn Berla – contemporary Beauty and the Beast set in southern California.

How To Drown by Vicky Skinner – a contemporary story of a swimmer trying to hold her life together.

Robyn by Lizzie May – a retelling of Robin Hood where two kids grew up playing Robin Hood, but now that Prince John is on the throne, “Maid Marian” is stepping into the “Robin” role to save her country.

And seriously, this is only a fraction of the books on this site.  I only started looking at this for like twenty minutes before I had to get off before I bookmarked too many of them.  But this is really cool because there are a lot of stories on here that I don’t normally see in bookstores.  I don’t see a lot of Beauty and the Beast stories make it to print.  (Ok, I do, but not nearly as many as I’d like.)  I don’t see enough stories about Robin Hood where women take a starring role.  So it’s really awesome that these are out there, but maybe not published yet.

If you’re interested, I really recommend checking this out.  It’s really cool.  And then maybe we can swap stories about what we’ve read.  😉


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