Update: Back To School!

Hey guys!  I just wanted to let you know that I am officially back into the swing of things with school, so posts could be a lot more sporadic than they were in, say July, when I posted nearly every day.  Until I get used to my new schedule (my school day now starts at 8:45 and goes to about 3:40), things could be a little crazy.

But I’m still here!  I will still definitely attempt to do Top Ten Tuesdays and Spotlight Fridays as often as I can.  I will review books as often as I can.  Right now, I’ve got a ton of school work and I’m a total Olympics junkie, so my reading time has been severely hampered by all of that.

We’ve only had two days of school so far, but I’ll share with you a few stories about my classes.  🙂  A few of them might make you smile.


Today’s Fun Pun Friday

This year, I have 4 classes of 8th graders (made up about 50% by kids I had last year as 7th graders) and 3 classes of new-to-me 7th graders.  It’s kind of my thing to do this goofy thing I call “Fun Pun Fridays” where I put up one of the best worst puns I can find online just to make them smile or something at the end of the week.  I’ve pretty much trained my old students to fake laugh at them, but the new kids are so awkward!  It’s so funny.  The old kids are going, “Ha. Ha.”  The new kids just sit there like, “This is supposed to be funny?”  Oh, but give me a few weeks.  I’ll train them soon enough.  My puns are hilarious.

The best part is when someone doesn’t get it (like today) and half the class turns to explain it to them.  That’s when the puns are totally worth it.

Also a funny story, I have 1st period prep this year.  (That’s not the funny part.)  This means that when students bring in tissues, I get nothing because the tissues all go to 1st period.  So I wrote on my board “If you bring in a box of tissues, I’ll print you the best worst pun I can find online.”  In the last two days, 10 kids have brought me boxes of tissues, and many of them my new 7th graders!  Who would have thought puns would have been as awesome of a motivator as candy or stickers?  It’s actually hilarious.

One last story, one that most of us I think can relate to.  So yesterday on our first day, I let my 7th graders ask me questions about myself to get to know me better.  And after one student asked what my favorite book was (which is the worst question ever, so I went with the cop-out answer of Harry Potter), another girl asked me what house I got sorted into.  I told her originally Ravenclaw on Pottermore, but after went back and took the test a few years later, I was sorted into Gryffindor but I feel like a Ravenclaw.  Literally half the class had no idea what I was talking about.  The girl who asked was nodding along, following the whole thing.  So I looked at the class and said, “We were speaking English.  Not my fault you can’t follow along.”  It’s kind of sad, really.  As sad as the girl that I met years ago who asked who Lord Voldemort was and pronounced his name wrong.

Anyway, summer’s over, so I’ll update when I can!  If you’re headed back to school yourself, have fun!  It’ll go by quickly!

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