Uppercase Has Arrived!

AAHHH!  It’s that time again when I get my Uppercase Box!  I thought I’d share this with you guys because I AM STOKED!

Screenshot 2016-08-18 19.52.57

So awesome, right?  First of all, picking a Kasie West book is perhaps the MOST BRILLIANT DECISION EVER.  I’ve been looking forward to this book, but I hadn’t had the chance to go out and find it at the library.  Only now I own it!  And did I mention IT’S SIGNED?!  *faints*

The other things are also exciting.  The bookmark on the left is another of those where as you read you can enter in different codes to access extra material from the author, which is sweet.  The pink page is simply a quote book plate thing, but I like the saying and I think it would be awesome if I could find a frame or something to put it in.  On the right is a new stationary pad with books and tea and other things on it.  On top of the notepad, I put the necklace I got, which I think is my favorite thing right now.  It says “Once Upon a Time” on it and, given my obsession with fairy tales, this is perfection.

Have I mentioned yet how pleased I am with Uppercase?  There may not be much in it, but I know that I’m going to be using all these things that I get.  How could I not?


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