Top Ten Tuesday: Fall TV Freebie

Hey guys!  I know I haven’t posted much lately, but there’s more coming, I promise.  🙂  So this week’s Top Ten is a freebie, as long as it’s related to TV shows.  So rather than focusing on some of my favorite TV shows or something, I thought I’d do books that I wish were TV shows.  I tried to pick series or books that I thought were super dramatic and would translate well onto the screen in a serialized form.  Unfortunately, now I REALLY want to see these as TV shows.

toptentuesdayTop Ten Books I Wish Would Be TV Shows

1. The Morganville Vampires by Rachel Caine

This series is nearly a serialized TV show anyway.  With like 14 books to its name and tons of drama, it would be super easy to make a TV show out of it.  Sure, vampires are kind of out now.  We’re sick of them after Twilight and Vampire Diaries, but how can you turn down Myrrnin and his vampire bunny slippers?

2. A Court of Thorns and Roses series by Sarah J. Maas

These books are so loaded with action that I think you could get nearly a series out of one book, the way they do with Outlander.  I’d love to see what kind of trouble Feyre could get into on the screen.  (Given the way A Court of Mist and Fury goes, though, it’d probably have to be a show picked up by a cable channel.)

3. Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas

Noticing a trend yet?  Maas writes these super dramatic and action-packed books that I just think would translate well to the small screen.  Especially with this series, when you factor in that we don’t always follow Celaena.  The narration jumps to other characters as well, which would work well.  And with all the political backstabbing and everything, plot twists would be super easy to pull off.

4. Scarlet series by A.C. Gaughen

Robin Hood will always sell.  But throw in the twist of Will Scarlet being a girl and I think this could be a hugely empowering show.  There’s action, serious bad guys, and a hint of romance without it ever being the main point of the story.  I just think it’s fabulous.

5. Partials series by Dan Wells

In television, it always seems like sci-fi (especially dystopians) do well.  This dystopian about the last surviving humans against half-human half-robot Partials would be a hit.  It has science, paranoia, a heavy-handed government, and everything else I usually find my dad watching in his SyFy shows.

6. These Shallow Graves by Jennifer Donnelly

Hear me out: this historical mystery, though a standalone novel, would be perfect on TV.  Set around the turn of the century, it follows a young rich girl who wants to be a journalist in New York.  When she begins investigating the suspicious death of her father, she realizes there’s more beneath the surface than she’s supposed to know.  It deals with socio-economics, murder, mystery, madness, and women’s rights in a time before women even had the right to vote.  I loved the drama of this book and I think a TV show could do so much with it, even continuing the story past the end of the book.

7. The Diviners series by Libba Bray

Another historical story, this one focuses on the 1920s.  I think it’s perfect for TV because A) the books are all like 700-800 pages, B) they follow something like 8 different characters, and C) the characters are trying to make their big break on radio and as socialites.  Oh, and did I mention the paranormal?  Each of them has a slightly different ability, from healing powers to being able to read the history of objects.  Not quite X-Men level powers, but enough to bring out some nasty baddies.

8. Alice in Zombieland series by Gena Showalter

With the popularity of shows like The Walking Dead, I don’t see why this series wouldn’t do well.  Ali Bell, haunted by tragedy, befriends the scariest looking group of kids at her school and begins fighting zombies.  Granted, these zombies feed on something akin to psychic energy, but they are just as nasty as the zombies we know.  I think this twist on zombies could be something unique to make the story feel new instead of rehashing others in the genre.

9. Made You Up by Francesca Zappia

This one might be better as a mini-series, but I think this would be great.  A focused look at schizophrenia, you never really know if the narrator is reliable or not.  I think that alone would make for fascinating television because you want to believe her, but there are things that are slightly off all the time.  And with the way mental illness is constantly in the news, this might be a great way to bring more awareness to how people deal.

10. The Name of the Star series by Maureen Johnson

First of all, can you just imagine Maureen Johnson on the set of a show based on her work?  Oh my gosh, I can just picture her Twitter feed now.  But this series is super creepy since we’re dealing with supernatural baddies that are basically the soul of evil.  They’re legit scary.  But that’s balanced by Rory’s incredible humor and the way she’s the outcast American in a British boarding school.  That fish-out-of-water moment would be awesome on TV.

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