Top Ten Tuesday – I’m Skipping This Week!

Hey guys!  Thought I’d let you know that I’m not doing the Top Ten this week for the simply reason that I have nothing for it.  The topic this week is Top Ten Best Audio Books and I simply don’t listen to audio books.  I can’t.  If I’m listening to an audio book, I cannot be doing anything else.  Not driving, not washing dishes, not exercising.  NOTHING.  I have to sit in a quiet place and zone everything else out, which is totally ridiculous when I could otherwise just pull out a book and read anywhere.

Some of you are probably wondering why I can’t just listen to the book like a normal person.  My mind is a wanderer and I always feel like if I get interrupted or I’m not paying attention for even just a few seconds that I’m missing something crucial to the story.  It stresses me out.  Therefore, it’s simply just easier to  have the book in front of me and reading that.  I can go back and reference something if I feel like I missed it.  That’s way too much work with an audio book.

So my apologies that you’re not getting some enlightening and life-changing list from me this week, but it happens.

And it’s back to grading papers for me…180+ essays to read…

One thought on “Top Ten Tuesday – I’m Skipping This Week!

  1. I totally agree! Audio books are not for me. I feel like I would have to take notes to force myself to focus on the story, and that would be really annoying.
    I cheated this week and went with my favorite songs to listen to when writing. It’s audio related… 😉

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