Greetings fellow writers!  It’s official: NaNo has started!

Now, some of you may feel like this:


(In which I applaud you for actually trying to do NaNo in the first place), but hopefully most of you feel a little more like this:


So here’s my NaNo wish for all of you: May your plots actually work.  May your characters not have major, contradictory issues 15 days in that cause you to scrap half of your story.  May your neurotics hold off until you just get this scene done.  May your family and friends understand that you totally want to hang out, but you just need to type out 200 more words today.  May you not zombify yourself in your quest to write the best story you can.  And finally, may your story be as awesome as you are.  🙂

Happy Writing, Fellow Crazies.



4 thoughts on “HAPPY NANOWRIMO!

    • Haha, I totally get it! Yesterday, I was panicking about how I’d get in my word limit on top of all the teaching stuff I had to do, but it totally helped that I took some time before this all started and planned out most of my story. Hoping for the best for you!

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