NaNo Update: Week 1

Hey there, fellow writers and insomniacs!  We’ve made it almost a full week with NaNo and I want to check in, maybe give you a moment of levity and something quick to giggle over.

So far, I have over 8,000 words on my draft and it’s alright.  Normally by this time, I’m spazzing out about my draft like this:


(This is also why I’ve never finished a draft before.)  I get too stressed out about what I’m writing.  Does it make sense?  (Mostly.)  Am I being too melodramatic here?  (Definitely.)  Oh no, I have to rewrite this NOW!

But I’m trying to chill out.  It’s just a draft, right?  I can always fix things later, butcher what doesn’t need to be there.  For now, I just need to focus on getting my ideas down, like this:


(I think this is my new favorite gif, FYI.)

I’ve been hitting my word count every day, which is kind of awesome.  I mean, it takes me about an hour each evening to plunk it all out, but that’s really good time compared to how long it took me in college with a story that wasn’t working.  So far so good!


So, how are your stories coming?  Are your stories amazing?  Have you completely given up on NaNo yet?  Did you work on one story for a few days and then start a new one?  Share your stories in the comments!



2 thoughts on “NaNo Update: Week 1

  1. I love your attitude and positivity! A draft is a draft! 🙂 We tend to forget that and focus on what is wrong with the writing rather than just getting it on the page or screen. I hope by the end you love your idea and story!

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