The Great Pursuit (Eurona Duology, #2)

thegreatpursuitfinalFirst Lines: A new beast roamed the kingdom of Lochlanach, killing at will.

Sorry the first line is so short, but any more than that and I started having spoilers from the previous book and really, who wants that?  So today is my OFFICIAL FIRST DAY OF SUMMER VACATION.  Thank God.  Not that I don’t love my kiddos, but I am desperately in need of a break.  And I’m way backlogged on my books.  Hopefully, that means I get a lot of reading done soon!

*Potential Series Spoilers Ahead*

The kingdom of Lochlanach may have managed to destroy the beast that hunted their land, but they have traded that for an enemy so devious and vicious that she may just destroy the world as they know it.  Rozaria Rocato is beautiful, dangerous, and clever.  And she’s offering Paxton Seabolt a future and power that he never imagined having.  But all of that comes at the expense of his home and his love, Princess Aerity.  Lochlanach is ruled by traditionalists who don’t want things to change, even in the face of extinction.  When dire circumstances force Aerity’s hand, she realizes that now is the time to make big decisions for the sake of her kingdom before Rozaria can further destroy them.  One hunt may have ended, but another is about to begin.

I’m not used to two-book series, but I will say that I am kind of digging them. The action in this one was always moving because, hello, all the loose ends needed to be wrapped up by the end of the book. So we had a good conflict/cliff hanger to from the end of the last book to lead into this one and then it was off and running. There really wasn’t ever a dull moment or a time when I thought the action was being drawn out as a filler. So that was awesome.

I really like the strength of the characters in this book, especially the female cast. Aerity is stubborn and determined enough to do whatever she thinks is best, but she still worries all the time about making the wrong decisions. That was a nice weakness to give her strength. Vixie and Wyneth really grew as characters in this book and I loved that. I didn’t really remember them that much from the first book, so I liked seeing that change. And, of course, I adore Pax. Just as stubborn as Aerity, he’s got a real self-deprecating streak that makes him more real.

I will say that Higgins knows how to write characters. I’ve always felt that, even from the Sweet series. She writes characters that have real motivations, believable personalities (in terms of their strengths, weaknesses, and actions), and great hearts. The characters she writes are always endearing.

I think the ending of this book felt reasonable. There were a few twists and turns I didn’t see coming. Since this is only a two book series, I did feel like the big resolution came early, just because I’m so used to waiting so long for it. But the action was well-paced, exciting, and easy to follow. It was interesting and I did have to stop at one point or I wouldn’t have gotten any sleep until I finished it.

This was really good. I’m glad I’ve got another series I can cross off my list.


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