Thoughts on Episode 1 of Still Star-Crossed

So yesterday I posted about how excited I was about this show because of how much I love the book.  And I made sure that I was sitting in front of the TV right on time to watch this.

Initial reaction to the episode: Meh.

There was too much going on.  I know that not everyone is an amateur Shakespearean scholar like myself, but I thought reviewing what happened in the end of Romeo and Juliet was kind of boring.  Not to mention they changed things, like virtually entirely cutting Nurse out of it all and putting Rosaline in her place.  I understand why the show did it, but c’mon.  Authenticity.

And all the characters still feel like stereotypes.  There are so many characters being introduced at this point that there was no room for depth.  At. All.  Everyone feels like a caricature.

Anyway, there was way too much going on in this show.  I know they’re trying to introduce all the characters and the conflict between the families and all that, but I never knew where to look!  Constant sword fights, throwing faces our way that we don’t really recognize yet and hoping that we can follow along, rapid-fire plot twists.  I’ve read the play many times, the book twice, and I still had trouble following it.  I don’t even know how newbies are doing with this.

I still think there’s a lot of potential here.  I’m hoping it’s just the pilot that’s too rushed.  They were showing scenes from the rest of the season at the end of this episode and I think it could very easily sink into a really good story.  But it’s going to have to do that soon because right now it feels a lot like a soap opera.  (And yes, I realize that’s also basically how Shakespeare wrote his tragedies.  But his never unfolded quite this quickly.)

2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Episode 1 of Still Star-Crossed

  1. I was hoping you would post your thoughts! I felt exactly the same way. I’m hoping that it gets better from here and they were just trying to introduce too much in the pilot episode!

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