My Ideal Reading Nook

Hey guys!  So last week I was asked by Arhaus to post about what I thought my ideal reading nook would look like.  And I thought it was an interesting post idea.  They asked me to find pictures of inspiration and that was just terribly difficult to look through all those beautiful libraries, but I think I rose to the challenge.

So let’s start!

The Bookshelves

Let’s be real.  Any avid reader knows that you need way more shelving than you currently have books because eventually you’re going to fill those shelves.  And built-in bookshelves are definitely my favorites.

home-library-design-reading-nook-with-bookcase-and-ladderI really like this one.  These shelves are built into the walls and follow even over the door frame.  I like the way that seems to fill up an entire wall and gives me three other walls to work with.  But that’s a ton of book space and even if I don’t have enough books to fill it right away, I certainly have photos and knick-knacks that I can use to fill in that empty space until I do.  Also, DO YOU SEE THE LADDER THAT LOOKS LIKE IT CAME OUT OF BEAUTY AND THE BEAST?!

The Window Seat

I admit, I don’t often use window seats to read.  I probably do more in the winter when I’m always cold, but I’m very pale and I burn easily whenever I’m in the sun.  But I do like having it as an option.  The views, the fresh air, it’s all gorgeous.



This was my favorite of the ones I saw.  I need a wide window seat because I am a fidgeter.  When I read, I am always changing positions.  I sit cross-legged, I lean against a backrest, I lay down.  I’m all over the place, so I need a window seat that’s going to allow me to do that.  This one looks wide enough for me to manage whatever position I want to read in.  And I think it’s really awesome to have even more book shelving underneath the seat.  That’s a great way to get even more books in there.


Obviously, reading at night means you have to have lighting.  You don’t want it to be too bright, but it can’t be too dark either.


This looks so magical.  I know it’s for a kid’s room, but can this be for those young at heart too?  Something like this would be great if I was reading off of my Kindle, which is already back lit, but maybe not the greatest for an actual book.


This is probably the lighting that would work best for books or Kindles, at least for me.  I love the S-shaped light fixtures with the lamps you can turn in whichever direction you want.  I like that I have that option.  But I also really like that lamp to the side as well.  That looks really cool.


So, some days the window seat just isn’t going to do it for you.  Or you have the monthly book club meeting at your place or just a couple of guests who want to read with you.  So you need other furniture as well.  And if I’m going to be reading for an hour or two at a time, I need something that will be comfortable.


I like this for a few reasons.  I like how wide the arms of this chair are because it allows for mobility as I’m sitting on it, if I want to lean one way or another.  And I hate feeling like my elbows are pinned to my side by the arms of chairs.  I also like the ottoman that comes with this because it gives space to spread out and it just looks classy.


This is another one I like for the same reasons.  Stylish, comfy, and wide arms that allow for movement.


To make things feel homey, I’m one of them who is guilty of using tons and tons of knick-knacks and figurines to fill space.


I really like this rug and this table.  The table is cute and solid, and it would easily match some of the other furniture and shelves I’ve picked.  (Though I am a bit nervous about all that white.  I like colors.)  But the rug is adorable.  I love the Moroccan pattern and I have a blanket of the same pattern.  They might go well together.


I LOVE these book ends from Etsy.  That’s just awesome and so perfect for a reading nook.


I’m a fan of multiple pictures that you put together, like these, and I think they would look beautiful along a long wall.  Put a little space between them and you’ve got yourself some gorgeous artwork.

Hopefully this has helped inspire your own reading nook (it has for mine!).  Is there anything I missed?  Leave your thoughts below!

3 thoughts on “My Ideal Reading Nook

  1. *Sigh* The window seat! That would be my absolute dream come true! I always sit in front of my window at my desk to read, but it’s just not the same as an actual window seat with my kitty snuggled up on my lap!
    Bookshelves. Bookshelves. Bookshelves. No matter how many I have there never seems to be enough! My flat is brimming, completely BRIMMING with books and I’ve had to readjust and reorganize all my shelves multiple times just to make more room!
    Great post, I love this topic. Excellent for us book lovers 🙂
    Happy reading 🙂

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