Into the Bright Unknown (The Gold Seer Trilogy, #3)

Image result for into the bright unknownFirst Lines: The log cabin I share with the Joyner family is murky and dank, with a packed dirt that moistens to near mud at the base of the walls.  But it has a solid roof, a cozy box stove, and–best of all–a single bright east-facing window with a real glass pane.  Real glass!

I adore Rae Carson’s writing, especially since everything I’ve read weaves in some element of magic/fantasy.  She’s very talented in that.  And to finish off this series, I was excited.

Life is so much better than Leah could have predicted.  Having made it to California Territory, Leah, her fiance, and her friends are rich and settled.  But their riches make them a target for a rich billionaire intent on destroying them.  They decide that it’s time to fight back with all they have.  As Lee’s magic becomes stronger and more powerful, she realizes someone may have figured out her magic…someone who may have magic herself.  With a daring plan in mind, Lee and her friends will have to be brave but careful as they attempt to finally make California safe for themselves.

I really enjoy the cleverness in Carson’s writing. Even though I can catch most of the foreshadowing because I know her writing style, I still usually miss a few things. (Side note: it’s not a bad thing that I can spot the foreshadowing. It makes me look forward to the reveal.)

This was a pretty good conclusion to this series. I like that it’s over a historical time period that doesn’t get much attention and that it has diverse characters.  (And boy, does it cover diversity!)  That just gives it another layer that other Gold Rush stories lack.

Lee is very smart and clever herself, so it’s interesting to read about her getting herself into and out of trouble as she tries to bring justice to California. I like the whole cast of characters as well, though I will say that it is a large cast and it took me a while to keep everyone straight again, since it’s been a while since I read the previous books.

The action of this book was interesting. It had action at times and was more subtle at others. I never got bored, per se, but there were times when it didn’t always have my full attention. But once I got to the second half, I was pretty well hooked.  The second half is where the plotting/scheming really picks up anyway and I have to say, this scheme was pretty much genius.

This is a really interesting historical fantasy series that touches on real issues and I very much enjoyed it.  Maybe not as much as I enjoyed the Girl of Fire and Thorns series, but it was still good.

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