Thunderhead (Arc of a Scythe, #2)

Image result for thunderheadFirst Lines: How fortunate am I among the sentient to know my purpose.  I serve humankind.  I am the child who has become the parent.  The creation that aspires toward creator.

The first book in this series was all-consuming, to the point where I didn’t get a whole lot done after I started reading it.  I had a feeling (and a hope) that this one would be similar in that respect.  At the time, I needed something that could help me escape the world.

Rowan and Citra, former friends, now sit on opposite sides of the Scythedom.  Rowan has gone rogue, serving up his own brand of vigilante justice as Scythe Lucifer, taking out corrupt scythes across the continent.  Citra, a junior scythe under Scythe Curie, wants to curb corruption from the inside out.  But this is harder than she thought it would be, as she’s struck down by “new order” scythes at every turn.  She realizes she can’t do this alone and turns to Scythes Curie and Faraday for help–but she also risks being “deadish” to talk to the Thunderhead for help.  But will the Thunderhead help or will it simply watch the destruction unfold?

I was thoroughly impressed.

From the moment I started this book, I was sucked into it. Something about Shusterman’s writing style with this series is just captivating. It didn’t matter if I read two paragraphs or twenty pages; I was always lost in it.

Part of it is because I actually really enjoy the idea of scythes and their supposedly humane gleanings in a perfect utopian world. I think that concept in itself is interesting, especially when you factor in the different facets of that utopian world. How they don’t understand greed and jealousy, how technology has perfected everything, how if they die in an accident it’s not even a true death. Everyone comes back. It’s just alien enough to actually feel realistic in a sense.

But it’s the characters who really sell this story. Everyone from the wise and compassionate scythes like Citra/Anastasia and Curie to the “villains” of the scythedom. Every character plays a role and every character totally sells it.  Seriously–you even understand where the villains come from even as you want to beat them to a pulp.  It’s really awesome.

Also, the suspense and plots twists in this are fantastic. It’s just incredible where this story ends up going. You do not see it coming.  This was one ending that I never ever would have predicted in any way, shape, or form.  Shusterman upped the ante on that one from where most YA goes.

So so good. I’m totally ready to see where this story goes next. If I know Shusterman, it’s about to get really weird.

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