The Hearts We Sold

Image result for the hearts we soldFirst Lines: A demon was knitting outside the hospital.

I was going to put more about the first lines down, but I think this one is attention-getting.  It certainly got mine.  Now this was something I picked up on a whim at the library.  The title caught my attention and when I read the jacket and learned there were demons, I was in.

In Dee’s world, demons are a  part of life.  They offer deals in exchange for body parts.  When Dee makes a deal with a demon–her heart in exchange for escape from an awful home life–Dee suddenly learns the true cost of dealing with a demon.  And it’s much worse than she ever could have anticipated.  With her whole world turned upside-down, the only people who help keep Dee grounded are other deal-making teens in her same position, including the charming James Lancer.  Between the nightmares coming to life and the realities of her new life, Dee wonders if she can give her heart to someone when it isn’t hers to give.

WHERE HAS THIS BOOK BEEN HIDING?  If it had not been for the chance encounter at the library, I probably never would’ve read this.

And boy, was it worth it. Dee is a quiet girl, just trying to survive at her boarding school when she finds out her scholarship is disappearing…and that would send her back to the home she’s desperate to leave. So she sells her heart to a demon to make sure that doesn’t happen.  It gave her an inner fortitude that it didn’t initially look like she had.  And I liked that.

This book was powerful. (I’ll admit, it took a little while to get that ball rolling, though.) There are so many angles that this story comes from. Sometimes it’s fantasy. Sometimes sci-fi. Sometimes contemporary romance. It’s all over the place, but everything’s woven together so well that you really don’t even mind.

From the beginning, it caught my attention. Then after the story got going, it felt like it was slowing down a bit. But by the middle of the book, I was so in. The plot is really interesting and will keep you on your toes. Even when I sort of knew what was coming, there were elements of it that I didn’t see.

The characters are really interesting as well. From Dee, the quiet and always fearful one to James, the artistic bohemian with a sense of humor to Gremma, Dee’s frightening but caring roommate and Daemon, the demon that Dee worked for who actually had some depth to him. The characters are why I kept reading.

But let’s not lie. This whole demons plot thing was excellent. It was interesting and the world building surrounding it was well done. I was invested in it and the consequences that came with even one foul step. It was just great.

Like I said earlier, this book is also powerful. It looks at themes of what it means to live, what makes a life worth living, and how far we’ll go to survive. It was really great.

The book wasn’t perfect (there are a few plot holes that never got properly explained, in my opinion), but it was so entertaining.

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