Expecto Patronum!

#HogwartsOctober (6)

Hey everyone!  I’m so excited for today’s installment!  We’re taking a look at what our Patronus charm would take the shape of.  And who doesn’t love a good Patronus?

Most of the time, I would just take a quiz on this on Pottermore and then analyze the results.  However, every time I tried to take this one, it seemed to freeze on me and just play creepy music over and over without going anywhere.  So this one, I had to do on my own.

Of course, I’d love to take some of the Patronus shapes that show up in the story.  Harry’s stag is totally awesome.  Hermione’s otter is adorable.  But for the sake of being original, I’m coming up with my own.

It’s my favorite animal, one that I feel like I have a real affinity for.

Red Pandas.

Image result for red panda

Red pandas were first recorded in 1825 by a French zoologist, who called it the most beautiful animal he had ever seen.  It’s Latin name, Ailurus fulgens, means fire-colored cat or shining cat.  (Personally, I prefer the former.)  In fact, it also has other names like the Himalayan raccoon, fox-bear, and firefox.  They were originally thought to be related to raccoons or bears, but both have been discredited with modern science.  They actually have no living relatives and reside in their own family.

The reasons I think I would have a Red Panda patronus are numerous, but I’ll limit myself.

First, Red Pandas and I tend to be solitary creatures.  Not that we don’t enjoy the company of others, but hey, sometimes you just need alone time.

Second, we tend to only be active for short bursts of the day and only really wake up to find food.  (That’s only half joking.)

Third, when Red Pandas are threatened, they start off small in trying to warn off predators before fighting back.  I feel like my reaction is similar.  I try to give off little “back off” signals first and if those don’t seem to be working, I will fight back.  I grew up with brothers and Miss Congeniality; I know all about SING (solar plexus, instep, nose, groin).

Fourth, we’re both rare.  Red Pandas are endangered and I often feel like I’m one-of-a-kind myself.  I mean, I’m absolutely quirky and I own up to it.  I get it.  There are pros and cons to being rare.  And I feel like a Red Panda would get it.  If it could talk and all that.

As someone who is still trying to come to grips with being a Gryffindor even though I don’t feel like it, I think it’s kind of awesome that I would have a Patronus that kind of looks like this adorable little thing but is actually really strong and fierce.  It has a kind of symmetry to it that I like.  I can be cute and cuddly-looking, but I can also have claws when the moment calls for it.

So that’s my Patronus (at least according to me)!  What about you?  What would yours be?

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