Reread Reactions #7: The Year Harry Was Obsessed with Draco

#HogwartsOctober (5)Sigh.  You know, when I started this whole reread project, I was really just excited to reread the later books, the ones I barely remembered.  I mean, it’s been probably over a decade since I’ve read most of them.

I forgot that Harry was obsessed with Draco for an entire year.

Well, I didn’t entirely forget.  As I was reading Order of the Phoenix, I was thinking in the back of my head, “Ok, doesn’t Harry start thinking Draco is basically the anti-Christ soon?”  I was only one book off.

This, I’m finding, is far more tedious than Umbridge ever was.  Holy schmoly, Batman.  Like, between this obsesssion with Draco and Slughorn being a bombastic idjit, I’m having a hard time picking up this book.  If it weren’t for the fact that I really want to see the relationship fails of this book (Hermione and Cormac, Ron and Lavendar), then I would probably try to see how quickly I could skim through it.  It’s definitely far more challenging than I thought it would be.

I just finished reading the scene where Harry snuck into Draco’s train compartment and Draco petrified him and busted his nose.  At least at that moment Harry realized how completely stupid he was being.  I realize he’s got it out for Draco and (for some legitimate reasons) believes he’s a Death Eater.  Having Harry tail him all the time isn’t going to make Draco reveal his plans any faster.  In fact, based on Draco’s character, if he knew Harry was following him, he would plant decoy clues along the way.  He’d love to watch Harry worked into a tizzy over some stupid comment that could be taken to mean something dark.  I honestly don’t remember if he does this throughout the story or not.  This is one book I don’t remember exceptionally well.  I haven’t seen the movie in probably close to a decade either.  Whenever it was in theaters last.

It almost sort of feels like I’m reading this again for the first time, even though I’m not.  I know the big events that are coming down the pipe, but I don’t remember the smaller details.  There are some things I was only recently reminded of (Slug Club) from pictures I saw on Pinterest.  (My Pinterest has been going insane lately.  “OH, you like Harry Potter?  Let’s show you ALL THE POTTER.”)

I’ll keep you posted on how this one goes.  I get the feeling it’s going to be a wild ride.  If I can get past the Draco obsessions, at least.

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