Top Ten Character Traits I Love

Hey everyone!  I wasn’t sure at first how to describe these traits and I still don’t feel positive that I like the way I did it, but hey, it gets the point across, right?  Some of these might overlap a little, but the thought is there.

Let’s enjoy!

Top Ten Character Traits I Love

1. Brainy/clever

Let’s just start with the big guns.  I mean, this is why we all love Hermione.  She’s smart and she’s not embarrassed by that.  So many girls think they need to pretend to be dumb to get a guy’s attention (I see it all the time in middle school), but brainy characters are so much more fun to read about.

2. Sarcastic

Oh, I love a good sarcastic character.  The sassier the better.  I say this because this is also my default setting around the right people.  I will filet them without a second thought because it’s fun.  And when I can read about characters getting snarky with people, it’s just so entertaining.

3. Creative/artistic

This is a little more subtle, but it can really enhance the story.  I love stories of musicians and artists who are passionate about their work.  That creativity bleeds through the page and I feel inspired by them.  I love that spark I get.

4. Leadership

We all love a good leader.  Katniss, Tris.  We enjoy stories with girls who can lead the rebellion and unite some group of unlikely people.  I think part of the appeal of this is that it feels like right now we’re lacking strong leadership of any kind in a lot of governments around the world.  It’s nice to have someone we can look up to.

5. Bookishness

Gee, I wonder why this made the list!  But really, isn’t it just so cool to read about characters who understand the appeal of books, who get completely sucked into what they read?  (Cath from Fangirl, Belle, etc.)  I love when a character explains how they feel reading a book or the place they hold in their heart for books.  I feel understood.

6. Introversion

This might seem similar to the previous one (and it is), but I put this on here because I like seeing characters who struggle with social scenes, who would rather be at home or on a walk rather than at a party.  I like seeing the quiet types and how they react to different situations.  I don’t feel like introverts get enough recognition.

7. Bravery

Similar to leadership, I like bravery that helps the character do impossible things.  However, that doesn’t have to mean taking on a corrupt government.  It could be as simple as a character finding the strength to tell the truth about something (a lot of social media stories use this).  It could be a character facing cancer or death.  Whatever it is, it’s really cool to see them fight back.

8. Rebelliousness

Ok, yes, this overlaps a bit too with leadership and bravery.  But like bravery, I see this playing out in other ways.  There’s the rebellion of a government, but also rebelling against old ideas.  Stories like The Host use rebellion in the typical and atypical ways (the humans and Wanda are rebelling against the Souls, but Wanda is one).  I just like someone who stands up and says, “No, this isn’t the way I want to do it.”

9. Sense of social justice

I don’t read a lot of these books because our world is already tempestuous enough, but I like seeing characters who want to make the world a better place.  That hope and optimism is catching.

10. Selflessness

This is interesting to read because a character can take it too far and become a doormat.  But some selflessness can really highlight a character’s personality and what they value most.  I like see what they can sacrifice and what they can’t.

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