Top Ten Extraordinary Book Titles

Ok, this week’s topic is kind of awesome.  We basically get to pay homage to the most awesome book titles out there.  Book titles are hard, so any that are creative enough to catch your attention from the title alone deserve some attention.  I’m happy to give them that.

Let’s go!

Top Ten Extraordinary Book Titles

1. Take the Key and Lock Her Up by Ally Carter

I absolutely love that all the books in the Embassy Row series have titles taken from children’s rhymes, but this one is my favorite.

2. The Librarian of Auschwitz by Antonio Iturbe

When we think of Auschwitz, we don’t typically think of them having books or someone who could be labeled a “librarian.”  That alone was enough to make me pick it up.  (Also, highly recommend.)

3. There’s Someone Inside Your House by Stephanie Perkins

As a horror story, this title perfectly captures the edgy, creepy vibe of the story.

4. The Afterlife of Holly Chase by Cynthia Hand

Y’all, I gotta give props to any story that puts my name (well, that’s not my last name) in a book title.  And the afterlife part definitely draws me in too.

5. It’s a Wonderful Death by Sarah J. Schmitt

I love the play on words here with It’s a Wonderful Life.  They sort of have similar themes, for sure, but totally different stories.  This book was a lot of fun.

6. Before the Devil Breaks You by Libba Bray

I like the urgency this book title gives the story.  Before the Devil breaks you.  It’s almost haunting.

7. This Is How It Happened by Paula Stokes

You know, I like how upfront this is.  You don’t know what’s happened (well, I do, since I’ve read it.  Also, highly recommend), but you know the story’s probably been twisted somehow if someone has to step back and say, “No, this is how it happened.”

8. Putting Makeup on Dead People by Jen Violi

You know a title’s good when you can make the librarian do a double take.  I absolutely got one of those looks when I checked this out like a decade ago, back before check out was self-service at my library.  I miss those looks.

9. The Only Alien on the Planet by Kristen D. Randle

This title is so interesting and different from how the book actually is.  The book is about someone who is so odd he seems like an alien to everyone around him.

10. A Study in Charlotte by Brittany Cavallaro

Like with the play on words in #5, that’s why I appreciate this one.  Any Sherlock fan is going to recognize this title as “A Study in Scarlet.”  I like how it immediately tells you this is a Sherlock story with some kind of twist.

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