Winter Cleaning: Purging My To-Read List

Hey everyone!  With the coming of a new year (and a new library website, which I’ll talk about more soon), I decided it was maybe time to go through my to-read list and do some serious deep cleaning.

You may have saw a little of this mentioned in yesterday’s review.  A friend got me hooked on Goodreads in the summer of 2008 and I’ve logged basically every book I’ve ever read since.  It’s an awful lot of fun for me to have such a long and storied (ha!) timeline to go back to.  I mean, I can tie so many of those books to different events in my life.  Those were the books I read on that vacation.  That book helped me get through a tough time.  Whatever.  There are stories within stories.

But being on Goodreads this long also means there are some books that have been on my to-read list since 2008 as well.  It’s actually kind of sad.  I keep looking at some of them, truly wanting to read them but never actually in the mood for them.  Or there’s a reason I just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

This whole purging process started because my library’s website was recently updated.  Once of the features they have is that you can now create a “wish list” on their site and, when you check the book out, it is automatically removed from your list.  That’s pretty awesome, actually.  Originally, I started with only my Top Twenty.  (I don’t remember when I started doing this, but I’ve made the first page of my to-read list a chosen position.  Those are the books I try to put high on my priority list.  They are chosen semi-randomly so I keep a good match between older and newer books.  I pick a book, but it to #1, and then as I remove books on the list, it starts stays somewhere between 1-20.)

From that Top Twenty, I decided to do my entire to-read list.  All 488 titles.  Yes, I’m crazy.  But think of the convenience once it was done!  Then the books were all linked to one place on the library site where I could just click on it and put it on hold!

As I started going through these books, I started to notice that many of the books were put on the list by an entirely different me.  If they were added from 2008-2010, I was still in high school then.  Paranormal was king.  I had so many books about werewolves and vampires and ghost love stories on the list that I’d never gotten around to.  And now…that trend is mostly gone.  Not that it was bad, but I’m kind of over it, you know?  So I started getting rid of the ones I didn’t think I’d ever get around to.

The other thing I severely purged were series.  There were so many books where I’d read the first or even the first and second book in the series, but I’d never finished the series.  Maybe I was waiting for the next book to come out.  Maybe I just lost track of it.  But there were so many where I barely even remembered the books.  It didn’t make sense to keep them on my list when I’d completely lost the thread of the story.  I’d need to reread the entire series just to finish this and for some of them, the series wasn’t good enough to justify that.  So I got rid of them.

Also, for a number of these books, my library didn’t have a copy of them.  (My library is HUGE, so they had most of the books.)  Access is a big thing for me.  If there was something I truly did want to read and I was willing to pay money to read it, I left it on the list.  Otherwise I deleted it.

In all, I deleted about 65 books.  It was kind of startling how quickly the layout of my list changed.  I’d gotten so used to looking at some of the covers that I wasn’t used to seeing so many of them gone.  But I don’t think I’ll miss them in the long run.

If you’re anything like me and your to-read list has gotten a bit out of control, maybe this winter would be a good time to look through it all with a critical eye.  At any rate, I’m happy that now I can pick about any page and find many books that I’m truly excited to read.  Before, I’d bypass 5, 6, 8 of them that I just didn’t want to read.

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