Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Signs You’re a Book Lover

Hey guys!  This one seemed pretty lighthearted and I thought it would be fun to go through some of the geekier side of our booknerdiness.  (Did I just make up a word?)  And of course, I exhibit none of these traits.  (*cough* I exhibit every single one of them.)

So let’s get started!

Ten Signs You’re a Book Lover

1. Your ultimate life goal is to have a library in your house.

When I was house hunting, I 100% planned out which room would work best as a library in every house I looked at.  Someday, I might even convert one of the closets into a built-in book case.

2. You know exactly how many books you can carry at one time.

The best looks, bar none, are when I’m walking out of the library holding a dozen books in my arms.  People always look like they want to offer me help, but trust me, I’ve got it.  I know exactly how to cradle them against my body and how many I need turn in order to achieve this.  Thank you for your concern.

3. You get all the book references in movies.

I was just watching Willy Wonka the other day and out of nowhere, Wonka says, “Adieu, adieu.  Parting is such sweet sorrow.”  Me, being the nerd, was like, “Romeo and Juliet!  He just quoted Romeo and Juliet!”  Frequently these are Shakespeare quotes because those are so well known, but still.  It takes a lot of familiarity with them to remember and recognize them.

4. You own more than one copy of the same book.

I always thought people were crazy to do this, but now I am one of those people.  It’s the Harry Potter series, y’all.  I have a boxed set of all the books in paperback, all of the illustrated editions currently out, and 2 of the books (1 & 3) in French.  Don’t judge me.

5. You have multiple means of reading your books (Kindle, apps, physical books, etc.)

Especially in these turbulent times, it’s hard to keep getting our hands on fresh new physical books.  But that’s ok because true bookies have more than one way to get their fix.  For me, it’s my Kindle.  (I can’t focus while listening to audio books, but those are also worthwhile to check out!)

6. Your favorite characters are always the bookish ones.

Belle, Hermione, even Rapunzel…if they read a lot, they remind me of myself and I thus like them immensely.

7. You know all the differences between the book and the movie.

Whether it’s The Book Thief, Divergent, all variations of Beauty and the Beast, or If I Stay, I can tell you the differences.  I’ve read the books nearly as many times as I’ve seen the movies.

8. You have more bookmarks than you know what to do with.

Guilty.  I used to buy the cheap bookmarks at the school Scholastic Book Fairs and I still have a ton of them, on top of so many others I’ve collected over the years.  They just all look so cute!

9. Your Goodreads to-read list is essentially a wish list.

So many options!  So many different stories and characters to fall in love with!  This is definitely a wish list for me.

10. You’ve devoted years of your life to a book blog.

9 years strong!  If I didn’t love books so much, I definitely wouldn’t be doing this.  And I’m so thankful that you all love books too!

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