Top Ten Ways I’m Keeping Busy In Isolation

Hey everyone!  I wasn’t really feeling the topic for this week’s Top Ten, so I decided to make my own and I thought some of you would (maybe?) be able to find something worthwhile in it.

Top Ten Ways I’m Keeping Busy in Isolation


Of course I’m reading a lot.  It sometimes depends on my mood that day whether or not I actually read much, but I am always in the middle of a book.  I pretty much always start one as soon as I finished the last one.  I don’t like being in a bookless vacuum.  (Also, I only have so many physical books I haven’t read yet, so I’m alternating those with ebooks.  Usually 1-2 ebooks for every 1 physical book.)

2. Crochet

I’ve been a knitter for years now, but back in October I decided I wanted to learn crochet as well.  It wasn’t until December that I truly figured it out, though.  But thank God I did because I’ve been crocheting every night.  I’m in the process of making the ugliest striped scrap-yarn blanket you’ve ever seen, but at least it has a story attached to it.  I can eventually tell people, “I made this during the epidemic to keep my sanity.”  It gives me something to do with my hands and I’m super grateful for that.

3. Watching Comedies on Netflix

With everything going on, comedies are king.  So I’m in the process of rewatching Cheers (I’ve never seen past the end of season 3 anyway).  I’m also watching Nailed It! and any stand-up comedians I deem funny.  I’m also toying with watching Community for the first time or rewatching Parks and Rec.

4. Puzzles.  Lots of puzzles.

I don’t just mean jigsaw puzzles, though I’m certainly doing those.  I’m also talking about Sudoku, crosswords, word searches, etc.  Anything that can keep me entertained and trying to work through a problem is good for me.

5. Painting

So I paint a lot of my own painting around my house.  Are they fantastic?  No, but they make me happy.  I still have a number of canvases hiding in a closet and I’m slowly working on them.  Of course I’m also trying to pace myself because I’m low on some paint colors (white, sky blue) and I only have a finite number of canvases.

6. Online “Window” Shopping

I have a very hard time wanting to buy a lot of things online while this is going on because buying things means someone has to report to work to box it, ship it, and deliver it.  And I’ve heard things about some of the warehouses where this is happening that does not make me happy.  So mostly, I’ve been going to websites and just browsing what they have.  I like looking at new and different things, especially since I’m looking at the same 4 walls all day.

7. Redecorating my house

The other day, I impulsively started putting nails in the wall of my “art studio” room and started hanging my paintings from them.  And it was…fun.  I’ve been living in my house for a year now and I’ve actually done very little decorating.  There’s always been an excuse.  I want to paint that wall first.  I haven’t found the right pieces to decorate that space yet.  So actually finally doing some of these projects I’ve been putting off…it makes me excited to be in those rooms again.

8. Singing Karaoke…to myself

I’ve always known that singing is my release valve.  If I’m working through something emotionally, I sing.  Usually it’s daily in my car that I get this time.  However, not leaving the house has stalled that and I didn’t realize how it was building up on me.  So one day I was literally going through the house groaning with boredom and I turned on some karaoke videos on YouTube.  Nearly 2 hours later, I called it quits and felt a whole lot better.  It was fun and challenging and I was able to dance my way through some of them too.

9. Just Dance on the Wii

Speaking of dancing.  I know this probably takes some of you back a few years, right?  Me too.  Just as everything was starting to hit the fan, I borrowed the old Wii system from my parents.  I had 7 (SEVEN!) Just Dance games and I figured trying to top my old high scores would be a good challenge as well as a workout.  Most days, it’s a lot of fun.  Some days, the games are stupid.

10. Watching local channels

Now that I have all this time on my hands, I’ve actually started getting into local channels more.  I have what we refer to as the “Farmer Five” where I come from, which is really just a slang term for no cable, only local channels.  (It used to only be five channels, but now it’s actually close to 20.)  I’ve been watching the local news every night at the very least and sometimes finding other things as well.  One channel plays this old 80s/90s sitcom called Night Court that I find really funny.  Another channel had a marathon of the show Wipeout on one night.  And one night, I watched 3 hours of PBS because documentaries sounded awesome that night.  There’s actually some really interesting stuff on local channels if you’re willing to give them a chance.

2 thoughts on “Top Ten Ways I’m Keeping Busy In Isolation

  1. I love Nailed It! and Sugar Rush. Community is so good, you should definitely watch it. I recently found right before the pandemic that word searches and crosswords are super relaxing, so I’ve been doing a lot of those too. I also got a color by numbers lol

    • I was introduced to Extreme Connect the Dot puzzles (they usually have 500+ dots) a few years back and those are sooooo relaxing. I’ll have to check out Sugar Rush and Community! Thanks for the recommendations! 🙂

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