Top Ten Books I Wish I’d Read Sooner

Hey everyone!  So the topic today is *technically* “Books I wish I’d read as a child”, but like, I don’t remember a whole lot of the books I actually did read as a child.  (It’s because of how many books I read, not…not memory issues or anything…)  So instead, I thought I’d stick to the main idea but modify it.

So my topic is essentially this: Have you had that book on your to-read shelf (or your actual shelf) forever and finally read it years later?  Or how about that book that’s been out for years and you just discovered how awesome it is?  That’s what I’m looking at.

I have a terrible habit of putting off books, so this was a very easy list to produce.

Top Ten Books I Wish I’d Read Sooner

1. Across a Star-Swept Sea by Diana Peterfreund

I’m starting with what is perhaps the most ironic ones of this list, considering I just read this.  After being on my to-read list for 7 years and on my literal in-my-hands bookshelf for at least 6, yeah, I should have read this a very long time ago.  I really enjoyed it.  I have no excuse.  Well, no good ones, anyway.

2. Stalking Jack the Ripper by Kerri Maniscalco

With 4 years between adding to the to-read list and reading it, this is actually on the shorter side for this list.  (I told you I had a bad habit!)  But actually, this one wasn’t because I didn’t want to read it–it was because I couldn’t get my hands on a library copy!  Well, ok, like I didn’t try all that hard, but still.  Ok, I’m still making excuses.  Suffice it to say this was really good and I’m also kind of glad I waited because now the whole series is out.

3. Some Boys by Patty Blount

A little shy of six years between adding to the to-read list and reading it, I feel like I should definitely have gotten to this a long time ago.  It’s a dark, emotional ride and I will fully own that, but I like those kinds of stories sometimes.  Clearly it kept my attention as it survived multiple to-read-list purges, but I should have read it before.  However, it does take on some new meaning in this post-#MeToo world.

4. Nowhere But Here by Katie McGarry

I only had this on my to-read list for a short time before I read it, but it was out for 4 years before I read it.  And I can’t even tell you why I didn’t want to in the first place.  I like Katie McGarry’s work.  I think she’s an excellent writer who writes fantastic characters.  I think maybe I got burnt out for a while?  I don’t know.  But I made the decision at some point that this book sounded boring and I passed.  Younger Me was dumb.

5. Bad Girls Don’t Die by Katie Alender

Now this one gets the award for the longest time span between adding to the to-read list and reading it.  9.5 years, people.  NINE AND A HALF YEARS.  This one, perhaps the only one of its kind on this list, I wish I’d read earlier because the writing feels so juvenile and I know I would have enjoyed it more if I’d read it around when it came out.  It’s a fun little demonic story (bet you never thought those words should be placed together) and there are parts of the story that work well, but it’s so 2000s writing.

6. The Leaving Season by Cat Jordan

Nearly 4 years went by between the time I added this to my to-read list and about 3.5ish since I was able to read it as an ARC…and didn’t “get around to it.”  It’s a story of a girl whose boyfriend is graduating and leaving for his gap year…and then tragedy strikes and she’s left trying to pick up the pieces.  I think this would have been more impactful if I read it when I was closer to that age, but I still think it’s a fantastic book.

7. Something Real by Heather Demetrios

4.5 years went by between adding this to the to-read list and reading it.  And honestly, it’s a super insightful and biting commentary on our reality TV culture and how it’s not that real (I know, right?!).  This feels like more of a commentary on those TLC family shows with the Duggars and that other family that I don’t really want to take the time to look up because I don’t care, but the point still stands.  It has a lot to say.

8. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

This was on my to-read list for about 8 years before I finally read it.  The reason why I didn’t read it sooner was because I watched the Keira Knightley movie back in college and I kind of hated it at the time.  (My opinion has since changed–put down your torches and pitchforks.)  But this book just kept coming up in references and showing up in my life, so I finally read it.  Still, it would have made my life a little easier if I’d read this sooner.

9. Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

Admittedly, this really wasn’t on my to-read list long before I read it, though I’d definitely heard about it long before I read it.  And I certainly had a “WHERE HAS THIS BEEN ALL MY LIFE?!” moment when I read it, but I also actually really like that I read it when I did.  I was in my 20s, roughly Jamie’s age, and I was on vacation in the Smoky Mountains, which was the perfect setting to be reading about the Scottish Highlands.  So maybe I wouldn’t have read this sooner…

10. The Catastrophic History of You and Me by Jess Rothenberg

About 5.5 years went by between adding this book to my to-read list and actually reading it.  And like, I have this thing for afterlife stories.  Don’t know why, but I love them.  Anyway, I thought this story was very sweet and had a lot of heart.

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