Some YouTube Channels I’m Watching Now…

Hey everyone!  As we’re all struggling to find things to do stuck at home (although maybe not for some of you if your states opened?), I’ve been desperately seeking interesting YouTube channels to fill in the void.  And let me tell you, they run the gambit of All My Interests.

Let’s start with my latest obsession.

Some Good News

I would be remiss if I missed mentioning this.  John Krasinski’s uplifting “news” channel is so good and funny and emotional that I usually end up tearing up before the end.  If you haven’t watched any of these, YOU NEED TO RIGHT NOW.  I drop everything when there’s a new video to watch them.  It makes my heart feel good.

Lindsay Ellis

I stumbled on this channel on accident really.  The video was about making a case for Disney’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame and my allergies were bad that day and I just wanted to lay on the couch, so it worked.  And immediately, I started searching out other videos of hers.  She does film criticism (typically focusing on Disney and musical theatre, which is PERFECT for me), but it’s very insightful and usually is grounded in what was happening at the time (eg., what was happening at the Disney company at the time, how the animation world was changing, or even the historical context in which the original Hunchback or Phantom of the Opera was written).  It’s very smart and, if you don’t have time to watch a 30-45 minute episode, she’s also got a segment she does called “Loose Canon” where she talks about how common characters like Hades and Santa and the Wicked Witch of the West have changed over time in various film and media adaptations.


This channel is just fun fluff.  I don’t even necessarily like all the different segments they do, but it’s fun.  Basically, this channel has teens, college kids, and/or adults react to different things (80s technology, 2000s music videos, etc.) or play some kind of game (Guess the Movie Quote, Guess the Song, etc.).  The videos are like 10-15 minutes long and I’ve already started figuring out who among the usual “contestants” if you will are my favorite.


This is a channel completely devoted to making lists.  Some of them are about books (Top 10 Book to TV Show Adaptations of this Century), TV shows (Top 10 Times Brooklyn Nine-Nine Got Real), movies (Top 10 Things You Never Knew About The Notebook), and more.  Usually I end up watching these 10-15 minute videos when I’m eating lunch because I can watch a couple of them and react along with their picks.

PS, I do agree with a number of these picks in this video.

Joe Santagato

I should warn you right away that this channel is super raunchy.  Lots of profanity and immaturity and dirty jokes.  But I fell in love with this channel a couple years when I found one of his videos on Facebook.  Joe and his brother Keith play this Mad Libs game where they try to make the Mad Lib as dirty as possible and then they have to have water in their mouth when it’s read back and usually water ends up everywhere.  I’ve watched the videos so many times and my sides still hurt every time from laughing so hard.  That’s my favorite segment of his, but there are so so many that he does.  Idiots of the Internet, The Weirdest Laws in the US, What’d Ya Say?, and games where his family plays Pictionary and Catch Phrase and stuff.

Like I said, it’s dirty stuff, so if you’re planning on checking this out…be prepared.


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