Top Ten Book Events I’d Love To Go To Someday

Hey everyone! This topic is a little tricky for me. Where I live in the Midwest, there really aren’t book festivals or anything that are easy to get to. Everything seems to be more on the coasts that are very very far away from me and, well, it seems unrealistic that I’ll make it to them.

I also don’t like crowds of people. So there’s that.

But I thought it would be cool to think about what fictional events from books that I’d absolutely love to go to. You know what I’m talking about. Those moments in books, those parades and big events where you’re like, “What I wouldn’t give to be in the middle of that.”

So let’s explore!

Top Ten Book Events I’d Love To Go To Someday

1. King’s Cross Station, September 1st (Harry Potter)

Yes, I know J.K.R. has been getting into some really hot water late, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to still go to Platform 9 3/4 on September 1st. And like, I know there’s a whole crowd of people who actually do go to the station each year, but like, I want the real thing. Wizards and all.

2. The opening of Wonka’s Factory, October 1st (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)

When I thought about this topic, these first two events were what immediately sprang to mind. I wouldn’t even have to be one of them going into the factory (though that would be really awesome), but I think it would be so cool just to see the excitement and the mystery of this reclusive businessman coming out.

3. The Coronation (American Royals/Majesty)

This is probably more Majesty than anything (which isn’t out yet), but it’s part of this world. I think it would be really cool to see how America would do a royal coronation because, as you’re probably aware, we can be pretty Extra. And that would certainly be the case here.

4. Project Scrooge (The Afterlife of Holly Chase)

If you’re not familiar with this story (and you should be–it’s one of my Christmas favorites), Holly is a terrible person who dies in a freak accident after ignoring the Ghosts who came to her on Christmas Eve to try to get her to change her ways. Now, in the afterlife, she’s working for them at Project Scrooge. And I would just love to tour the company and see everything at work. The production, the mechanics, the pizzazz. It all sounds so cool!

5. The Rumble (The Outsiders)

I actually intentionally came up with examples that didn’t involve fighting because A) I don’t like fights and B) I don’t want to be collateral damage in a fight. But I’ve read this scene at least 7 times now because I teach the book and…I think I’d like to see it. I’d probably end up acting like a responsible adult in this and they wouldn’t like that, but also just to see Ponyboy and Soda and Darry and the others in action? Might be worth it.

6. First day of school at Ellingham Academy (Truly, Devious)

I actually want to go here just to see the campus and all these “genius” kids in one place. I think that would be really interesting. I like places that have historical importance and obviously the mystery of this place gives it more of a story.

7. Jordan’s football games (Catching Jordan)

When I read this book years ago, I immediately connected with Jordan and how she was so immersed in the boys’ world of football. I come from a family where, honest to God, the women get more into football than the men. And I really want to see a girl quarterback. That would be amazing.

8. Hanging out in Sherwood Forest (Scarlet)

It’s not so much an “event” as “I really just want to meet Robin Hood and hang out in Sherwood.” I’ve been obsessed with Robin Hood stories pretty much as long as I’ve been obsessed with Beauty and the Beast. (Ironically, that story didn’t make this list in any way because what do you say? “I want to be there when Belle gets kidnapped?” Creep.) I’d also love to be at the ubiquitous archery contest that shows up in most every Robin Hood tale. Just in the audience.

9. Going to movies with Etienne and Anna (Anna and the French Kiss)

Actually, now that I’m writing this, this is starting to sound a little creepy. Originally, I came up with this one because I think it’d be cool to see movies with two very awesome characters in a French theatre. However, now I’m starting to think I’d be a third wheel in this situation and that does not sound like fun. But maybe? Especially if French pastries are involved after, then I’m definitely in.

10. Locked in the library with Autumn and Dax (By Your Side)

Autumn intentionally gets herself locked in a library for the weekend and can I just say, “Sign me up!” Do you know how big my local library is? It’s huge. I’ve been going there for years and there are still places in it I’ve never been. I could get lost in there. Add a couple of other people to make things more interesting and I could definitely be happy there.

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