Top Ten What I’ve Been Watching In Lockdown

Hey everyone! I’ll have some more reviews soon, but I’m also in the middle of reading something that’s not YA and I want to make sure I still have stuff to post while I read it! This week’s Top Ten is a freebie, so why not jump over to other kinds of recommendations?

As some of us maybe live in places where we’re either still kind of in the quarantine/lockdown paralysis or maybe your area is about to reenter it, I thought it might be fun to talk about what I’ve been watching lately.

Top Ten What I’ve Been Watching in Lockdown

1. Hamilton (Disney+)

Let’s not pretend I didn’t jump on that. I’ve had the soundtrack memorized for 3 years. I definitely wanted to see it. Bonus: I got to introduce my boyfriend to it and he enjoyed it.

2. Psych (Amazon Prime)

This is like comfort food on this list. I’ve seen the early seasons of Psych multiple times. I think I’ve made it to season 4 or 5 before it was taken off of Netflix or something. Anyway, I found it on Prime and when I need something funny that I don’t really have to pay attention to (yet), I turn this on.

3. Unsolved Mysteries (Netflix)

Ok, this requires a little backstory. So I do like real-life mysteries, but I’ve recently been listening to a true crime podcast (Crime Junkie) on my daily walks and, while it’s so good, I end up spending most of the night paranoid that someone’s about to break into my house and kidnap me. Unsolved Mysteries seemed like it was only going to make that worse. I watched the first episode and then immediately watched 2 episodes of Psych. The next episode I watched with my boyfriend. The third episode I watched in the middle of the afternoon. So it’s good, but like…I definitely need to be in the right mood.

4. Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga (Netflix)

This movie is so funny. With Will Ferrell, I wasn’t sure what kind of comedy I was going to get. Would it be smart and funny (like Elf–I know that’s a controversial statement) or funny but pretty stupid (like Talledega Nights)? This actually ended up being a heartfelt, adorable comedy. Rachel McAdams absolutely steals the entire movie. The great music is just a bonus.

5. Indian Matchmaking (Netflix)

I have a habit of falling in love with Netflix reality dating shows (The Circle, Love is Blind, etc.) and this was something I turned on because I was tired of mysteries. It’s so fascinating. I’ve learned so much about Indian culture from this already and it’s so interesting to see these dates. The people are what sell the show. I like to say this is Love is Blind and Crazy Rich Asians mixed with When Harry Met Sally. I really enjoy this. HOWEVER, I felt there was little to no resolution at the end of the show/season, so that rather sucked.

6. Feel the Beat (Netflix)

This dance movie is just so cute. It’s a family movie, easily. Like the main actress was in The Descendants or whatever? Anyway, the story is generally that she wants to be a Broadway star but she ends up getting blacklisted and has to return home to Wisconsin, where she ends up teaching dance at the old studio she used to go to as she tries to find a new way to break into Broadway. It’s cute and funny and heartfelt. I liked it.

7. Community (Netflix)

This whole lockdown, my boyfriend and I have been working our way through Community. It’s so weird and surreal that it almost feels more real than what’s going on outside, you know? It’s always funny and offbeat and weird, but I love it.

8. The Trail to Oregon (YouTube)

Speaking of offbeat and weird, this is a musical by Starkid, the same group that did A Very Potter Musical if you know anything about that. This is their musical adaptation of the old Oregon Trail game. It’s got a skeleton cast of like 6 people who play multiple roles. It’s so bizarre and odd, but the actors sell it and it was definitely funny. But you have to really enjoy weird stuff to like this, I’m just saying.

9. Coffee With My Ex (YouTube)

This is a podcast, but I’ve been watching the YouTube version every day while I eat lunch. It’s a podcast by Caleb Marshall and Haley Jordan, most well known for the channel The Fitness Marshall, which does dance workout videos. Anyway, I was doing a lot of those dance videos and decided to check out the podcast. It’s good. Not every episode is great, but they’re funny and sometimes they cover some really interesting stuff.

10. The local news (uh…local channels?)

I feel like I need to give a shout out to the local news on this list because it’s probably easily what I’ve devoted the most hours toward on this list. And also, local news doesn’t get enough respect. They do so much and get so little recognition. I have relied on them so much through all this, not just for COVID updates, but also for what’s good in the community. I mean, they tell us about what’s reopening and what events are going on. I need them.

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