Top Ten Romantic Movies I Love to Rewatch

When it comes to movies, I am definitely the person who watches a movie over and over and over again while remaining skeptical of any new movie. So while I don’t always branch out and try new things, I’ve got a solid list of favorites for whatever mood I’m in.

Let’s take a look!

Top Ten Romantic Movies I Love to Rewatch

1. 10 Things I Hate About You

This teen classic will always be on this list for me, partly because it’s based on Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew, and partly because it’s just a fantastic movie. Julia Stiles and Heath Ledger just do an amazing job, not to mention the supporting cast who are hilariously weird (looking at you Ms. Perky). Definitely good for a laugh.

2. The Prince and Me

Ha, now that I’m writing this, I realize I put two Julia Stiles movies next to each other. But this movie, about a prince who comes to America to see “wild college girls” but quickly gets put in his place and grows up, it so much fun. And it also has a Shakespearean connection… Clearly my English major side is influencing my choices.

3. When Harry Met Sally

This is probably the only movie on this list that feels…mature, I guess? To me, at least. I will admit that as I get older and remain single, this gets harder to watch, as I feel like I have become Sally in a lot of ways. So that’s not great, but this movie is just so so good.

4. The Young Victoria

I had to throw a historical love story onto this list. Beautifully acted by Emily Blunt and Rupert Friend, this movie about Queen Victoria is just adorable. The characters are great, the acting is fantastic, and the costumes are stunning. Just, you know, ignore the fact that Victoria and Albert are cousins and it’s fine.

5. About Time

Time travel is about the only sci-fi thing I can consistently get behind. This time travel movie, where only the men in this specific family can travel back in time, is just so cute. It really shows the consequences of actions on a relationship while still being funny and philosophical. It’s also British, so LOTS of appearances by actors from the Harry Potter franchise.

6. The Proposal

Classic rom-com, but also better because it has Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock. This is just so ridiculously funny and no matter how many times I watch it, it never gets old. Shout out to Betty White for killing it in this movie!

7. Dirty Dancing

Another classic. Patrick Swayze swoon. I love dancing anyway, so this is always just stunning in that respect. It’s a great story with great actors, but what wins me over every time is the soundtrack. It’s boss.

8. Music and Lyrics

Speaking of soundtracks, this might be one of very few movies on this list you’re not familiar with. It’s a Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore movie from the early 2000s where Grant plays a washed-up 80s singer (in a band similar to like, Wham) and Barrymore plays a neurotic girl who is helping him write a song for a new pop star who grew up on his music. It’s quirky and funny while still having a lot of heart.

9. Moulin Rouge

I’ve got a thing for musicals, y’all. And this one, while tragic, has some killer music. It’s Spectacular, Spectacular. Since it’s a Baz Luhrman film, you can always count on so much going on that even with repeated watchings, you’re going to find something new each time you missed before.

10. The Princess Bride

I figured we’d end with another classic. I love me some Cary Elwes and would maybe have put him on this list three times over if it had made sense to do that. What a classic. What a well-told story.

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