Similarities Between Romance and Superhero Universes

I’m writing this days before this is actually posted, so earlier today I saw an article that is telling the movie/TV industries that romance could be the next MCU if someone pays close enough attention. (Bridgerton has the highest watch rate for Netflix EVER.) As the article points out, romance is a billion-dollar industry.

I would be thrilled if we started making a universe around romance.

Image result for bridgerton
The next MCU-esque family??

Because I’ll be honest, I don’t see the appeal in the MCU or Star Wars. Sure, I’ve enjoyed a few superhero movies (usually the most sarcastic of them, like Ironman or Deadpool), but overall it hasn’t resonated with me. It’s the same plot over and over again and the same character arcs.

Ironically, this is the same argument people have about romance–if they’ve never really read them. So perhaps I’m judging the MCU harshly, but I’ve watched a lot of duds too.

But I just have to say how much I enjoy the idea of picking an author’s work and seeing them build a world around it. I think Bridgerton is going to be around for some time, but I would love to see someone take on the stories of Sarah MacLean, which not only interconnect between the books in that series, but between all of her books. Characters from previous series show up all the time, usually just in bit roles, but we also go all over London, from high society to the gambling dens to the slums. I would love to see a romance TV show that shows all of that.

Can you just imagine it? If we were all like, “OMG, they’re coming out with a new Love in London movies?! [I just made up a name.] I wonder who they’ll cast? It’s gonna be a box office smash either way, you know. OH, what if they bring back Alec from A Scot in the Dark for this one? Did you see his arms in that one? I could look at those for days.” I mean, it felt a little ridiculous writing that, but also I’ve been around people enough to know that people are definitely already saying stuff like that about the Avengers actors, so it would not be too different to switch that attention to romance.

It’s really cool for me to see romance catch on like this. I really like seeing a lot of people finally sitting up and paying attention, even if in the same breath as saying they liked it, they call it “trash”. Like, you still watched it and enjoyed it. It still had value.

I’m going to slowly ease off my soapbox before I really get going on that one. Suffice it to say I’m really happy that we’re now talking about this kind of thing and that when I tell people that I’m in the middle of a romance novel, they aren’t immediately laughing at me anymore.

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