Torrent (River of Time, #3)

Torrent (River of Time, #3)

First Lines: We’d shaken the dust from the gowns the guys had left the three of us and slipped on our “medieval disguises,” as I called them, but there wasn’t a whole lot we could do for Dad.

This is a series I discovered a few months back and just absolutely fell in love with. And after reading the second book, I desperately needed to know what happened in this book.

*Series Spoilers Ahead. For real.*

Gabi and Lia were just two normal American teenagers until the day they accidentally found themselves in 14th century Italy. They returned to the present with their mother to try to save their father from a tragic death, and now the family needs to head back to the 14th century, where the girls have left their hearts behind with some gallant, chivalrous knights. But remaining in that time puts them at risk as battles wage over territory and the Black Plague looms over them. Will the family really be willing to put themselves at so much risk? Or will they discover how life is truly supposed to be lived?

I love this series, I do. I think Gabi and Lia are stellar characters and I think this story is well written with other interesting characters and a ton of action.

I just didn’t love this book as much as I did the previous two.

I think part of the reason is that it’s starting to feel the same. Like, every book is about how somebody wants to kill Gabi and Lia and then there are battles. I love the action of it all, don’t get me wrong, and the way it unfolds is always different, but it is kind of formulaic. And also, I just didn’t feel as gripped by this book as the others. I’ve always had this weird feeling about Gabi and Marcello together (I’ve never felt the chemistry), but this book really reinforced that.

That said, I thought Gabi was a MUCH more interesting character than ever in this book. She’s always been physically strong and this total warrior queen, but this book threw curveballs at her that she wasn’t always strong enough to fight off. And that struggle made her so much more interesting. I really liked seeing her try to deal with it all. It made her a more conflicted, intriguing character.

The plot of this still includes a ton of action. We still have battles and fight scenes, which always rock. We still have constant action in one respect or another so the story keeps moving forward. I just didn’t enjoy it quite as much as before is all. Still a good book though.

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